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Have you ever been adopted by someone else's pet?

Asked by MissAusten (16127points) August 18th, 2010

What was the pet, and did it eventually go back to its own family?

We’ve had a cat visiting us regularly for the past year and a half or so. She’s very friendly, and I know for a fact she has a home down the street. I talked to her owners on the phone after we put a collar on her with our phone number to find out if she was a stray. We haven’t fed her for many months, but she still shows up on our deck every evening and stays until we go to bed. She tries very hard to get into the house, sits by the living room window and meows at us if we ignore her, and climbs all over us if we go sit outside with her. At this point, I’m wondering if she’ll ever leave or if she’d just take up permanent residence if we let her into the house. The other day, she left rodent guts on our deck. So, either she loves us or she’s really mad that we haven’t let her in.

What’s your not-really-my-pet story?

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Yes…one cat and one African Pygmy Goat. Both were temporary.

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Yes, our neighbors who live directly behind us (but who are separated from us by tall bushes and a fence – have… had a cat, who adopted us. We had no problem taking him in, simply because they didn’t take care of him how they should have. They have 3 dogs and another cat – who was this cat’s brother – but they left the cats out when we had a huge snowstorm (more than 20 degrees below zero) and also left them out on days where it was over 100. I’m glad we took their cat in, because his brother has now disappeared. We have no idea if it was from neglect or because they chose to get rid of him, but it’s sad all around. We would have also taken his brother in, but he never completely abandoned them like the cat we have now did.

A $300 vet bill (for check-ups to make sure he’s healthy) later, and I feel comfortable saying that their previous cat is now, without a doubt, ours.

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That’s how I came about my iguana named Charlie.
He and his family was getting evicted.I felt sorry for the guy.
Took him in. I think he has issues with me though. Still wants to hits me with his tail, but I like him, and his attitude.

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We feed two local cats with owners but they don’t mind and we don’t mind.
Just let ‘em do whatever they want, they don’t understand your stupid human reservations.

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A few cats yes, the cat i have now was definately a lost kitten, but i never got a response to any attempts to find its previous family, both her and her son (before i accepted having to pay vets fees for her) have a few homes now, here mostly, but if i’m away they go to an old lady nearby, or to my neighbours – those neighbours cat dissapeared shortly after having their first child, it made every effort to move in here but i couldn’t afford to feed all 3 of them! Before that i shared a stray tom cat with the other neighbours, they had a kitten which was inseparable from the tom cat, so it mostly lived there after they moved in, but was still in the habit of using my house. They took the tom cat with them as well after their lease was up, must admit i miss that phsycho cat. Growing up, neighbours cats would sneak in if there was a window open, if they get food off you once, they’ll keep coming back.

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