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Do people and pets take on each other's personalities, or are people attracted to pets that are already like themselves?

Asked by essieness (7693points) March 30th, 2009

I don’t mean the ones that look alike, but the ones who have similar personalities.

We have two dogs, a golden named Liberty, and a mutt named Annie. Liberty is my step-dad’s dog and Annie is my mom’s dog by default, long story. Each dog is similar to her master in personality and vice versa. Do they adapt to each other’s personalities, or do they attract each other because they are already similar?

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I think the pet takes on the personality of their chosen alpha. My dogs start out very lively and run around a lot, then eventually slow down to equal my level of activity. I am convinced that if they would have chosen a more lively companion, they would have remained so.

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Oh, crap! You just made me do some self-examination.

I think my dogs have some characteristics (personality traits) that I do. but I don’t look like my dogs!

One is of an observer, but when she commits to something, it’s all in – or no go. to the point of running into things. She’ll sit and watch a bird or squirrel and wait -then, at the perfect moment, she’s off!

The other is just nuts and a klutz. She doesn’t wait for the perfect moment to chase a squirrel, bird or leaf—yes, she chases leaves, she just goes! In her haste, she tends to run into things or miss her target, altogether. Then, she seems to play it off and head into another direction and chases our other dog. I’m the klutz, no doubt about it – we’re very much alike.

Both are very protective of the family, just as I am.

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I think that dogs and cats are simply much more comfortable with loyalty and unconditional love than humans are. They act like their master by default.

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Frank (my cat) is A LOT like me, he’s my companion and my sanity when the world dumps a load of shit on me.

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My mom’s cat is identical to her in the sense that he’s curious, adventurous, reckless, and very nosy. :P
But my cat is just like me, mellow and terrified of everything.

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my dog is a lot like me… we both like naps a lot, we’re both quite affectionate, and we both have big heads. my roommate’s dog is kinda like her, but way way more hyper.

my dog is better. :)

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We have two cats, one is more of my husbands cat (supposed to be mine) he just loves my husband and how rough he rubs his belly, and he likes to cuddle with him. His personality is more mellow, more go with the my husband. The other cat is quite a spaz, he goes through phases of running around like a maniac, attacking imaginary things. He’s definitely more like me. He also doesn’t like to be pet, unless he’s in the mood, which I think is a lot like me as well haha.

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Milo here; Gail is interesting and obedient, but I am sui generis. (And much better looking, even though our hair is the same colour.)

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I think our pets (especially dogs) feed off there owners. I have quite a neurotic, scatty personality and my Jack Russell is VERY similar. I have no doubt that she would be a much calmer dog had she been raised by someone with a calmer personality.

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Most humans project their neurotic behaviors onto their pets and hence, create neurotic pets that mirror their own neuroses. lol

It’s true!

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Haha..I just read your post after I wrote mine., Very insightful of you!

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I hope not, my dog’s a psycho. He is sweet and lovable, playful but he is afraid of rain and thunder and takes dirty socks from the laundry and “hides” them under an end table. If a dog takes on its owners qualities, I don’t like what it says about us.

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