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How is the dentist in toothpaste commercials chosen?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6762points) August 18th, 2010

There’s always a dentist who promotes the product in these ads. How do they choose him? Is he a dentist who acts on the side, just a plain actor posing as a dentist or is he the producer’s brother in law who happens to be in the tooth-cleaning business?

And also, I’d like some more details on this “4/5 dentists choose X brand” statistic. Who is being polled?

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they usually also have perfect teeth along with all the others involved in toothpaste ads. Its all in the teeth

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Usually, they’re actors—I’m not even sure real dentists can endorse a particular dental product—and are chosen in casting calls by the ad agency and client. When I was casting for a professional types I would look for a “plain, ordinary” looking person (focus testing has shown that male spokespeople tend to be more credible as medical professionals than women—sorry, ladies, no offense) who spoke well (but not like an announcer) and projected trust. Given many reasons, not sure those criteria are as important nowadays.

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As for the 4 out of 5, that’s just a good (for lack of a better word) use of selective sampling and twisting the data. It never tells you the question. They could be asking the dentist if they recommend using toothpaste and since brand X is toothpaste it’s recommended. They could be asking specifically about brand X and not asking if the dentist recommends brand X over anything else, thus leaving open the thought of recommending brand X over nothing.

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Great teeth and stunning looks…

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They should use my dentist. He’s super cute.

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Does he have great teeth?

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they’re actors

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Down to the wisdom of the director to decide who will be filling that role :¬)

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I know. I wish my dentist was cute then I would happy to open wide for him. LOL Oh! That almost sounds dirty. hahahaha

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Don’t fool yourself. most of the dentists and doctors on telvesion, are just actors. a real dentist or doctor will have writing and credentials on their whiite jackets.

Hollywood is full of want to be actors-doctors-dentists. a plain white jacket is a dead giveaway.

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They need to be able to hold a test tube in the air with one hand and a clipboard in the other hand. They need to look like they are thinking: “this blue substance in this test tube looks like it can be used to make teeth whiter.”

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