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What does your inner monologue sound like?

Asked by muppetish (14211points) August 18th, 2010

When you’re silently, what does the voice sound like to you? Does it vary depending on what you read? Do you have a default voice? Do you read in “your voice”?

I’m curious because as of late what I read sounds a bit like Stephen Fry.

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Mine varies depending on what I read. Sometimes when I read silently I’ll hear everything in an English accent. Sometimes when I read, I hear a male’s voice. Sometimes it’s my own voice that I hear. Until this question, I never once considered that I might be completely insane. ;)

Edit: Okay, that’s a lie. I’ve considered insanity many times before this question. :P

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I don’t actually have a voice in my head. It’s hard to describe, because it doesn’t actually sound like anything at all.

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@DrasticDreamer… that was my reason for posing the question, really: I thought I was off my rocker. My inner monologue typically changes (though when reading textbooks, it’s a bit of a blank “voice”), but it seems stuck on Fry. Not that I’m complaining :)

@TheOnlyNeffie I completely understand it not being a “voice”. When I think, not when reading but thinking, my thoughts don’t sound like anything unless I’m consciously trying.

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My inner monologue is Carl Sagan when I’m reading something sciency, and Ringo Starr for everything else.

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my inner voice sounds like: James Earl Jones… lol

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My inner voice sounds just like myself (my default voice). When I read, it changes. Especially when I’m reading a character that should have an accent.

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@christos99 I wish my inner voice sounded like James Earl Jones.

@gypsywench Are you able to produce the accents you read in out loud? I’ve always been baffled by this, but in my head, my accents sound flawlessly genuine… but if I open my mouth to produce any sound, I usually just embarrass myself.

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Mines is like a deep drone, almost like a hypnotic vocal thats used to put people to sleep. It’s a lot calmer and polite than my actual voice.

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@muppetish It depends on the accent. My mother has a british accent, and my grandmother had a thick irish brogue. I can do thoughs pretty well out load, along with some southern accents. In my head I can do almost any accent. Out loud, it’s another story. It’s a strange thing that has baffled me as well.

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Mine sounds like my talking voice, unless I’m singing in my head, then it sounds like my singing voice.

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Minnie Mouse!! Which to be honest is a little disconcerting, especially when it’s telling me to plan a romantic evening with the wife ;¬}

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Mine is strikingly similar to Ethyl Merman and keeps me going forward in spite of great odds…

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Great question! Mine is a near-nonstop dialogue between Grownup Austinlad and Little Boy Austinlad. Yesterday, on my day off, Little Boy was in full charge. He talked me into going off my diet and buying something I didn’t need. But God love him, when he’s not being an idiot, he’s fun to have around.

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My inner monologue must be wearing hearing aids, also. we both take them out and can hear nothing. silence is golden.

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Mine is sounds something like Marilyn Monroe. My inner self is so sexy.

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He’s an asshole.

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My inner voice sounds just like me. I wish I could offer a more interesting answer.

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