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Has fluther taught you anything about yourself?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26784points) August 19th, 2010

In comparing my own responses on a lot of topics to those of other jellies, I notice that I can be pretty jaded sometimes.

Have you gained perspective on yourself from using fluther?

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Yes it has.

It’s that I AM ALWAYS right. :-)

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That I look marvelous in red T shirts!

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@ChazMaz -I am always right!
@Cruiser -That’s my shirt.

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That @lucillelucillelucille looks better in a red T shirt than @Cruiser. :-)
I am more tolerant than some, less so than others.

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@lucillelucillelucille YEAH!! But that’s my gun plus I thought I gave that shirt back to you?? ;)

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Not really. I just met a lot of nice jellies.

Oh, and my spelling has improved tonz.

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Only that I love to offer my opinions on just about anything. But then again I knew that already.

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Yes, that I have knowledge, experience and opinions about stuff I don’t normally think about. I like that a lot.

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I agree with @Austinlad in that I think about things I wouldn’t normally think about. And, in our discussions my opinion and feelings about certain things have been changed. I’m glad you asked!

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I have to agree about that. I used to be a Christian who confused about my real identity(since I also believe in rationalism and Evolutionarism) before I join this site but after some weeks people here are able to open my mind about my religion with their factual contribution,and start from that day I’m an atheist.

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I have learned what I think is a good thing: I’m adept at using language to express myself.

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I haven’t looked back much on this site, but I looked back on my answers on Answerbag and I was shocked at how jaded, cynical, and bitter I was. It was completely warranted, but it was just surprising.

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Not really, no.

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I’m with @Austinlad in that I’ve realized I have some pretty strong opinions on things I had never really thought about until there was a question on here about them. I love getting involved in some of the discussions and it’s really nice to see so many different view points.

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I thought I was open-minded before, but Fluther has exposed me to so many other points of view that I realized I wasn’t nearly so open as I had assumed. No matter how I intended to be, my world was still pretty small. Questioning our assumptions is a good thing, in my opinion, and this place is great for getting us to do that. I feel like I’m a lot more open-minded now.

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I learned that ” @bob_ ‘s your uncle”.

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It’s taught me that I’m more conservative than I thought. I’m still pretty damn liberal, but sometimes I get the vibe from people on Fluther that anything that’s different, uncommon, unusual, odd, or goes against what everyone thinks and does is automatically good and better than the alternative. And I don’t necessarily think that about a lot of things. I seem to like challenging common challenges to commonly accepted ideas.

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