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Isn't it strange how we saw advertisements to help Haiti, but there doesn't seem to be that many for Pakistan?

Asked by Blackberry (31057points) August 19th, 2010

I have not seen any ‘Help Pakistan by texting PAKISTAN to 38302’ ads on T.V. or anything. Have you seen much?

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The only think I’ve seen is on the Yahoo homepage. It says “Pakistan Relief” and is right under the word “yahoo” on my screen. I haven’t heard anything else about it.

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Yes, there was a lengthy piece on that on NPR this morning. Even within the Pakastani community in NY—it’s called Little Pakistan—people aren’t giving because (1) they think the FBI is watching, and (2) they think the Pakastani government will appropriate it. Check the NPR site if you’re interested in knowing more.

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I think it is because it is a flood, and not something like a tsunami or an earthqake. A flood doee’nt sound so dramatic and eveyone thinks it will just drain away. Where t I don’t know. Also people think the money will be misappropriated to Afganistan. People are so used to seeing a seething tide of Indian people for decades. The average Indian has four children or more. They need to get the population under control. The number of people seems to me, from New Zealand overwhelming, when you feel overwhelmed it is hard to give. The population of the world increases by 70 million a year, deal with that, and we will cope with disasters better.

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Here in Holland, the cooperating aid organisations didn’t want to open the special account for donations earlier this week, because: “the disaster wasn’t imaginative enough” and; “at the moment it is holiday season (thus people are not thinking of it and not willing to donate?)”.
Some days ago though, they decided against it and opened the account.
The good thing is, they were wrong, people already started to give generously.
It also helps that papers and news shows keep on broadcasting about the disaster and its increasing consequences.

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In the UK there has been a lot of coverage on the news and by the Disasters Appeal Committee. The UK has given quite a bit of help as a result. We have some insight into the plight of the people over there and the scale of the problem. In the USA it may be different, I lived there for a while and thought news coverage of events in the wider world was pretty poor.

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I agree @Blackberry, I haven’t seen anything….In fact I only heard about it once.
@Austinlad thanks for the info on NPR. I will check it out. Things are so unnecessarily complicated sometimes.

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There’s been a good bit of coverage on the news here in Ireland too. Also on the British news channels.

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Not really, with most people aware of Pakistan being part of the world of Islam, the fact we’re busy fighting in that general vicinity, and that areas within Pakistan are known to harbor, support, and train terrorists. Doesn’t seem strange at all to me.

And don’t forget the whole anti-Islam sentiment.

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It’s been on every newscast I’ve watched, but maybe that’s because this question was posted 9 hours ago, and it took awhile for the word to get out.

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