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What number is your Willpower?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) August 21st, 2010

On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your number for your brains willpower? We all know our brain controls our body. To make good or offensive decisions in our everyday life. To cheat or not to cheat. To steal or not to steal. 1 is the lowest number and 10 is the strongest ability for you to control your brains willpower. So, give it some thought and give us your willpower number. Are you a 1 or are you a 10 and why?

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10 but then I cheated so I don’t know… but I’m being honest about it so 10 or am I lying again… so definitely between 1 and 10

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I’m terrified that my brain will hurt me if I don’t do what it says. So 2.

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It depends on the specific decision. To steal or not? That’s easy, I’m a 9.85 because it’s not something I would do. The .15 leftover is for those “what if your husband was dying and you had to steal to save his life questions” To not eat a doughnut that I know is within 2000 feet of me and is available to be eaten? Negative number, at least a -3 because I have no willpower against them. To cheat on a test? 10. To eat one more piece of pizza? 8, and that one was a lot of work to get to!

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@tedibear I agree… my willpower changes depending on the situation and my mood

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I am a 10. I was involved in a severe, life-threatening accident which broke my sternum and several ribs. In the hospital ICU they gave me morphine which caused me to experience the absolute best feeling I could ever imagine. The doc on call had approved the next injection any time after 2 hours whenever I asked for it, and taped the syringe onto the wall near my bed. I knew that morphine was addictive even after one hit so I forced myself to never ask for it. I lay in ICU for 23 hours looking at that syringe. Yep. 10!

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Hey @tedibear I’ll give you this doughnut if you sleep with me. Mmmm… chocolate… ;-)

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@worriedguy – how do you know it would be worth it? You might want to hang on to that doughnut, man!

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I agree with @tedibear. My will power changes depending on the situation and the people involved.

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Worriedguy, needless to say i am proud of you and your no. 10 willpower, concerning the morphine. you are correct. morphine is very addictive. this will give you an extra star for heaven.

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@john65pennington My chest was all broken and the pain incredible. When the juice went in, I was suddenly calm and the world was good. Everything felt great. Better than sex. It became crystal clear to me why people get addicted.
Even in that state I knew I’d be done if I did it twice so I refused to ask. Having the needle right in front of me was like torture but it became a matter of pride to resist.
I learned a lot in those 23 hours…

@tedibear I posed the question like an irresistible force against an immovable object. A -3 willpower against a 10 resistance. Don’t get me started thinking about doughnuts in bed.

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I don’t steal and I don’t cheat. That’s not because I’m a good person with strong willpower though. In fact, it’s precisely because my willpower is most likely around 1 or 2 that I’m too lazy and half assed to motivate myself to do much of anything.

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When it comes to stealing I would give myself a 10. When it comes to other issues, like quitting drinking and chewing snuff I would say an 8 (I went from doing these habits fulltime to only occasionally). Eating however I would give myself a 1.

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@Jabe73 – keep working at it! If you want to, you’ll get there.

@worriedguy LoL! Thank you for the chuckle. Now where’s that doughnut?

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@worriedguy about Morphine: I had a friend who was given it after a heart attack. She told me, “I wish I could feel like that all the time.” But she didn’t elaborate.

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