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What is something nice and sweet I can do for my fiance?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2666points) August 22nd, 2010

I want to do something special for him, but I don’t know what to do ^_^

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Buy him some new clothes
Bake him a cake
Invite him to a threesome
Take him paintballing
Make a mixtape
Go to the cinema

Come on, give us some direction here!

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Buy him a plant.
Put a sexy lingerie on
Give him a back rub
Make him a nice dinner.

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Meringues….. they are lovely and sweet :-)

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sex sex sex ALL DAY! Wear a lingerie, * a sexy onexD*
Buy him clothes, some boys don’t like shopping, if yours is into that kind of stuff take him on a shopping spree, it doesn’t have to be at the mall or anything like that if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on brand or blah!blah!blah! clothes, it can be a market like I just did today:)
And then you can cook him some perfect-fancy food:)

just remember to wash your hands when you finish cooking, _you could’ve used chilli or something hot! and you forget, and then either touch his private parts or yours. IT BURNS!

Be safe and tell me what you think :P

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If he has a fantasy that is reasonable and you can pull it off, make it happen!

See ya…....Gary/wtf

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Take him out of town for the weekend… stay at a romantic little bed & breakfast place.

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What kind of things does he like?

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Hmmm, well if you want to go sweet, you could make a montage of all the photos of eachother you’ve got and frame it for him… he might find that a bit twee though!

You could make him his favourite meal, or organise a night with his favourite drink and nibbles and watch all HIS favourite films (without moaning about how rubbish they are)...

You could make a home vid where you go to all your favourite places together and say why they’re special to you two (eg, this is where we first met/kissed/saw a film etc etc etc)...

Hmmm, hope these aren’t too lame!

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Make him a really nice dinner. Something that takes a little more effort. Buy a bottle of wine or champagne to go with it. Give him a massage after dinner. Take a bubble bath.

You could also get a reservation at one of the nicest restaurants in your area and take him there.

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Cook him or treat him to a great steak dinner with drinks and then leave him alone in the house to play video games for about 6hrs.~

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