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If your ex was standing in front of you , what one thing you would say to your ex?

Asked by Frenchfry (7574points) August 22nd, 2010

Just as it says.

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Nothing much, i have no serious exes to whom i want to say anything of interest.

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I can only echo what @NaturallyMe said.

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I thought I’d never see you again. I don’t know if I want an apology or you want one from me but you know it affected me when you simply forced yourself out of my life without any way to contact you. I know it wasn’t because you no longer loved me. And you know I never stopped loving you.

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“Did you ever stop to think that your children might need something?”

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Wow, you went from mullet to bald fast.

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You are still angry and sad about things that came before me, and I wish for your sake and for the sake of your kids that you would find some measure of peace.

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“How are you doing?” After remaining good friends through an amicable separation and divorce, she would ultimately betray me in a very hurtful fashion, but, I don’t carry garbage like hate around with me.
See ya…...Gary/wtf

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You were right to opt for the motorcycle for yourself instead of the engagement ring for me.

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You are one day too late.

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You are blocking my view….scram!

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We’ve got lots of unfinished business.

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Actually happens most days as my ex is now my neighbour. I usually find “hello” is a good starting point.

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I would say “I can’t believe you would actually do that to me!” Then kick him in the nuts. Lol.

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I’d say hey to him because I only have one ex and we’re still good friends. (:

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I’d say, “hi, how are you? Good. Enjoying the weather up there? So would I.”

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Solicitors not welcome. “Now beat it.”

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I have four men whom I consider to be an ex. I would not pay any of them the compliment of a spoken word. When I’m all done talking to a person, I remain all done. Not really out of spite, I just really have nothing left to say, and I’ve never been able to do the small talk thing.

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“Pardon me”

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I’d ignore her as if she wasn’t there. She’d want some kind of attention be it positive or negative but if I ignored her, she’d go crazy… Well, she’s already crazy but you know what I mean.

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Wanna fuck?

We parted ways on amicable terms, and the sex was good, so why not?

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Sorry your answer made me chuckle.

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Hi, hope you are doing well and are healthy. All the best to you always.

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“I will be passing by soon, to measure that garden door up again, because…., well, you know me, i lost the piece of paper with the numbers on it.”
“The deal still stands, right, you get a new door, i get your bicycle?!”

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It depends on which ex it was. If it was my ex-husband, it would be “Get the fuck away from me”. If it was any of my other ex’s, it would probably be “Hi” and I’d keep walking.

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I have never had one, but I think I would hug him and ask him about what is happening in his life and stuff. What’s the use of being jealous and embarrassed? You two had a time of your own, so why not continue being friends as you used to. I wouldn’t want to be *enemies.
I haven’t had one, so I don’t know the feeling, maybe what I am saying is wrong.

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@Thesexier It depends on the relationship and how it ended. The reason I would tell my ex-husband to “get the fuck away from me” is because he has threatened to kill me and my son (his son) in the past. We went to court for it and I had an order of protection for myself and my son against him (he couldn’t come anywhere near us for over a year). Some of my other ex’s did some pretty crappy things, so I’d rather just say “hi” and keep going.

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@OH wow that’s ugly! :O
I am sorry for the shitty husband:/
hope you’ve found someone who treats you as you are supposed to be treated. And how old is your son?
lol :P

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I honestly thought I’d never see you again. Huh. How’s it going?

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Stay the fuck away from me, I will hit you with the bat!

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Reunions with most of my exes would result in happy squeeing, lots of hugs, and catching up over coffee. With a couple, there wouldn’t be the happy squeeing because we talk regularly; it’d just be hugs and coffee. There’s one, though, that I’d be less than thrilled to see again. I’d ask him how his wife is coping with his teeny peen.

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Both my spouse and I have ex-spouses and we all get along fine. We actually spend time together. I make things soooo much easier for children and it’s much easier to let by-gones be just that, by-gones!

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The only ex I have is a guy I thought a lot of but glad it didn’t get too serious.
I would say ” your azz should still be in prison; you child molesting azzhole”. Then I’d knock the crap out of him for what he put that child through.

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Fancy meeting you here!! :-/

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Most recent ex: I wouldn’t say anything, I’d let them look me over then go on my way.

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‘I wanna see you suffer. I hate you so much you bastard. I promise I’ll kill you’

(grrrr I hate him I hate him I hate him I hate him)

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Some of my ex’s that I have not seen for some time don’t know about my open marriage and would freak because with the wife next to me I ask them if they wanted to hit the sheets…

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You thought you got over on me huh? Surprised that I could organize such a coup? I bet you were shocked when my investigator and lawyer found your ass tho huh, lol? I can sleep peacefully knowing that I have sufficiently made you suffer you crazy fake ass whack job. I’m glad you abandoned me and your disabled child or else how else would we have learned what it was like to be loved and happy with a real man. Thank you but don’t get it twisted and watch your back because I have filed charges on you and the IRS is looking for you now. Don’t ever approach me or I’ll beat you like a criminal in Singapore and make you bait in a dog fight. BTW – fuck you and your entire family.

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Have you gained weight…

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stop talking to me, stop saying you still want me, you broke my heart and I h-a-t-e you. okay????

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@Hawkeye (Sucks in breath through teeth) Oooooo. Right or the jugular huh?

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just acknowledge them and smile and then keep on walking. They are just some one you know. nothing more. acknowledge every one, thats what I like.

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I know you still want me.

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