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Can you freeze leftover tomato sauce?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) August 22nd, 2010

Living alone, I rarely can use a whole jar of tomato sauce before it goes bad. I know you can freeze tomato paste. Can you freeze the leftover sauce? If you can, can you freeze it in the jar, or should it be transferred into a ziplock container? And what’s the best way to defrost it (can it be refrozen?)?

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I freeze leftover tomato and tomato based sauces all the time. I use plastic containers, then I either thaw it naturally or transfer it to a glass container and microwave it.

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We freeze homemade spaghetti sauce in plastic containers and thaw them in the fridge. I would not freeze it in glass jars. I think plastic freezer bags should work, too.

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I do the same as @JilltheTooth but I use freezer ziplock bags.

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sure; I’ve always used “Tupperware” thingies.

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Hellz yeah! That’s how I have homemade spaghetti sauce year round. Instead of bags – which can leak – or glass – which can break – use plastic tupperware.

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My step-dad freezes spaghetti sauce in food saver bags and then boils it in water to warm it up (straight from the freezer, still in the bag). He’ll make a huge batch of spaghetti sauce and package it separately for individual use later. He also does that when he makes meatloaf.

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When we grew tomatoes, we would can some and make spaghetti sauce. We canned some of the sauce and split up some in gallon freezer bags. Lay them flat and after they freeze you can store them like file cards in the freezer for about a year. I think the sauce tastes better. Maybe freezing an thawing blends the spices better.

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I make as much homemade sauce as I possibly can each year when my tomatoes ripen. I don’t bother to can it (too hot!) and just freeze it. I don’t see why store-bought sauce would be any different.

I bought a couple of sets of these plastic freezer jars ages ago, and they are great for freezing tomato sauce. I use them to freeze chicken stock as well.

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Tomato sauce goes with so many things, I suggest just adding it to more meals. It’s really good for you if it’s not too sugary. I’ve frozen tomato sauce before in a plastic bag. It tasted fine.

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I would freeze it in serving size containers. Refreezing will detract from the taste.

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Tomato based sauces freeze wonderfully and re-heat even better. Freeze away, Samantha_Rae! :~)

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Sorry, wasn’t done yet. Thaw naturally in the refrigerator or, depending on the container, in the microwave. I use smaller size containers because you can always thaw more than one if you need it. Do not freeze it in glass jars! Either ziplock freezer bags or Rubbermaid containers do well, and it can be re-frozen, but, re-freezing will affect the taste.

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That is a Yes for me too. Does work.

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You can freeze pesto, too. The basil’s going crazy this summer.

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@BarnacleBill : you can?! I made pesto a few weeks ago and wasn’t sure, dammit! Basil is nuts this summer!!! Thank you.

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We’ve been dropping it by tablespoons onto wax paper on a cookie sheet and freezing it. Once it’s solid, the cubes go into a plastic bag into the freezer. Some batches go into Trader Joe yogurt containers (flatter than other brands, with a lid) and frozen that way. I noticed that Ball had some nice small containers that would be perfect for pesto. The cubes work great though, because you can just toss a few onto the hot pasta, and toss.

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@BarnacleBill : great idea! I freeze tomato paste in ice cube trays so I always have it on hand. That may also be a great idea for the tomato sauce, gotta reorganize the freezer and see what will fit best! :) Thanks again.

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Yes. Tomato is quite acid, so is safe to freeze for long periods.

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Heck yea you can freeze almost anything! I keep all kinds of stuff in my freezer. Just use BPA free containers.

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Can you refreeze canned tomatoes? My electricity went out and mine thawed out, Can I refreeze them?

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