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What hair cut and color should I get for my face shape and skin tone?

Asked by chelle21689 (7008points) August 22nd, 2010

I haven’t had my hair changed in years…haven’t dyed my hair in 5 years. It’s time for a change…I’m always having super straight Marcia Brady kind of hair and I want to change it up a bit. Not drastically short, no annoying bangs that always get in my face.

If you could post pictures that you think would flatter me and frames the face, please do. I usually always ask for the usual layers when I cut my hair…Also what color should I dye my hair?

Here’s a picture of what I look like

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You have beautiful hair. People pay big money to have your hair color. There is nothing wrong with the style either. Jennifer Aniston among others have the same style. Maybe to change it up some, just curl it.

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Anything Halle Berry has ever worn for cut or color.

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I think you are stunningly pretty and that the colour already suits you perfectly. If you were to change the length, I would only take an inch or two off and possibly get layers. Parting your hair different is also an option :) Sometimes a small change can make a big difference and put one in a good mood.

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I wouldn’t touch the color.It’s beautiful. I would maybe get longer layers that start at the jawline or change the part :)

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Some pink or blue streaks would suit you, and your skin color.
I wouldn’t change the style though.
It is lovely as it is.

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I’d leave the colour as it is ‘cause it’s beautiful
Maybe a fringe/side-swept fringe and some long layers

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I’m no expert on cuts/colors, but I can give a little advice. :) If I were you, I would just move the part a bit more to the side. Center parts draw a lot of attention to the nose and makes the face look a little boring. I think side parts always spruce things up a bit. :]

As for change, just style your hair differently everyday! I get tired of my curly hair everyday, so I usually flat iron (there’s so many more options with straight hair ;P), braid (plenty of different braids to try), different height ponytails/buns, or clip different amounts up.

You can always go to a nearby hair salon and just ask for suggestions or look at the books! When I get my hair cut, I just tell them to do whatever they want with the style (cause I always just trim it), but that’s because I trust them and just like trying new things. :]

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everyone says not to change my color but I’ve had it black for many years, I want a change lol

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Your hair color does suit you perfectly. Maybe you could just add some warm hi/low lights and that would make it different enough for you? I like the long layers starting at the jawline idea, and definitely parting it to the side instead of the center.

You are beautiful, just so you know. :)

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thanks everyone for being nice and not mean. I want to cut it now but I think I should wait until after my sister’s wedding which is soon because I’m going to be a bridesmaid.

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@chelle21689 That’s a good plan. Never a good idea to make any big changes just before an important event!

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The first thing I thought of was Jane from Daria.

Here’s a girl that cosplayed her.

Now you said not dramatically short, but if you took the idea, and brought it to maybe just above shoulder-length, and went that rich almost blue-black… that would look awesome.

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You have really pretty hair! Your face is kinda heart shaped, so a shoulder-length haircut with a little more volume would probably flatter you. I love this haircut on Kirsten Dunst. The combination of shoulder-length, loose waves, and the side part make it breezy and feminine. Here’s a longer version. Your haircolor is already great.

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It’s a nice haircut, but I’m too scared to go short…I did last time and I didn’t like it as much. With the Gwenyth Paltrow look, it seems like it’s more about styling rather than a cut, ya know? Thanks for the links.

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