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So the rain washes away all your tears, but does it ever really wash away all your fears?

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No. It’s rain. It wouldn’t really wash anything without soap.

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Occasionally it’s acid rain and then it doesn’t fix much. If anything it just creates problems, so no.

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My therapist tells me the only way to get rid of my fears is to walk through them. I wouldn’t mind walking through a little rain. Maybe it would be refreshing.

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oh no, i’m scared of you! just kidding! Good question. Everyone deals with fears. Part of living. Fears just do not consume me. If fears did consume me, i would not be a happy person. I’m happy…so, i’ve control of my fears. They don’t control me.

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not if your scared of lighting

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btw, the only thing that can wash away my fears, is me! goes without saying..i thought!

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@hawaii_jake Interesting metaphor. Care to elaborate? How do you walk through your fears?

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Um….no. It also does not wash my tears, as that would involve crying outside in public. That won’t be happening. What’s up with you today? You are in a weird mood.

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Being bipolar, I’ve had some unreasonable fears in my life. One was of parking lots. I had this dread of going to any store where I would have to drive through a parking lot.

So, I gave myself a step-by-step guide of how to get into the parking lot and into the store. I decided which aisle of the lot I would go down, and I decided I would take the first available space regardless of how far it was from the store. When I took this approach, I maintained my sanity and accomplished my goal of getting to the store and back.

That’s just one small example. But I can relate the step-by-step approach to so much that has happened in my life like coming out of the closet, learning to live sober, accepting my mental illness, etc.

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No, but I sure wish it could. I have several fears that I know are irrational and I’d love for them to go away.

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@hawaii_jake Thanks; I can see how that would work. I do something similar – when I can.

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Ok now I’m removing you from my fluther. Next you’ll be quoting Oprah.

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At a personal level, I have only one fear: alzheimers.

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@hawaii_jake Just curious as to how/why that fear is connected to MD/bi-polarism?

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