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Trying to find the Toshiba equivelent to the Acer empowering technology widget Do you know how to get it ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4387points) August 23rd, 2010

So I have a Toshiba satellite , I can’t keep tabs one the battery usage like I can with my other laptop . It’s an Acer and has that great widget called empowering technology , it allows you to adjust your laptop to save battery at the same time it lets you view your battery life . Does Toshiba have something like this I can’t seem tofindanything via google .

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okay, after trying several terms on ( .org! ) I find this on acer’s site:
“Acer ePower Management
Acer ePower Management adjusts current power usage settings, shows remaining battery power, and also allows for customized profiles for optimized battery life.”
It’s just one part of the empowering technology. Here: you can read info including requirements (framework install). The closer the specs between the two laptops you could try just installing it. But it’s just a power management feature, or software. They used to be simple battery or power moniters but are now more advanced. OS’s have them built in to some degree but I take it you like this particular software. B/c it’s by a manufactuer for their products that makes it hard to impossible to find the same for another manufactuer. I suggest start researching third party power management software with the features you’re interested in for whatever system you have and once you find some things give them test runs. decide what you like best and get it. you can try to narrow your field to free software but i’d bet you’d be limited a lot in options and features. And start by reading documentation on the acer soft to see what it does that you like so much, or what you like thinking that it does. Hope this helped.

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@jaytkay exactly my thoughts w/ Win7, but @sandystrachan didn’t mention the OSs so I left it general, but, yes, I do agree with this choice.

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