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Does any one know why my laptop cant connect to the interent?

Asked by water_123 (120points) September 28th, 2010

I have wireless internent, and everything worked fine. Then all the sudden my laptop cant connect to the interent. I have tried going to network and puting it to my home interent, but it says unable to connect. Every other computer in my house is able to connect to the internent. Is it the network or is my there something wrong with the laptop. It is fairly new and worked great, it still does it just wont connect to the interenet. Has this happened to anyone before? Does anyone know how I can fix this? Or why it wont conncect?

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I need more information. What error does your broswer display? Are you getting an IP address? can you run a IPCONFIG /all from a command line and copy what you see into here.

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I need some more info.

- Does the laptop have a button with this symbol? if so press it and try again.

- Have you been playing any LAN games lately?

- Have you made sure that your password is not using ‘o’ instead of ‘0’ or that you are writting the letters in caps?

- What does it say when you go to the start bar and run CMD and type ipconfig, is it all

- What operating system are you using?

- What was you doing before it broke?

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@poisendantidote, I Dont see this symbol anywhere. Sorry its actully a mini laptop hp and windows 7. The interent did work fine, when I go to networking its shows my home interent connection says wont connect. It was fine before it broke, Is this enough information?

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and I dont even know what LAN games are

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try this…

go to the start bar, at the very bottom you will see a place you can type. type “cmd” this will open up a black box with white letters, in the black box type “ipconfig” and tell me what it says.

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@poisonedantidote okay i got the black box where in the black box do i type ipconfig

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anywhere, there should be a little underscore symbol _ flashing, just click the black box so its the main thing you are using and then type ipconfig

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okay, thanks you its says Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:
media stae…...............:media disconnected,

tunnel addapter
media state… disconnected

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Seems like you need to turn on your wireless card. Or the wireless card is broken. @poisonedantidote Will probably know how to determine this and turn it on.

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are there any numbers? that message that it says is a little different to how it works here. (not sure why)

try this… go to the little icon tray at the bottom right of the screen, the icon tray on your start bar. you should see an icon that is like two screens and a little planet, click it once. a little box should show up saying “connect or disconnect”, click that. it should tell you if you are connected or not.

if you are not connected, you need to look on the bottom of your router, and see what “WLAN” you are.. WLAN_00 or whatever. once you know that, select it on the list that shows up when you press the two little screens and planet icon, tell it to connect, then input your password.

Its a little hard to work blind like this, if you have a webcam on your other computers, maybe you can point it at the laptop screen and we can chat on msn or skype or something, so i can see the screen and guide you.

EDIT: there are a couple possibilities of what it could be.

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dont have a web came, but but that thing said This device has been disabled by the wireless button. To enable this device, press on the wireless button

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ok, so, there must be a little button on the laptop that turns wierless on and off. like the first thing i said on the first post, the button with the little symbol. maybe, the button symbol is a little different. its usually next to a blue tooth button.

what model is your laptop? if i know that maybe i can find a picture and highlight the button for you.

EDIT: does it have a model number

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it is a HP mini and i have no clue where this button is

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its normally a little button just like this one.

on the bottom of the laptop, does it have a model number?

EDIT: when i look up hp mini i get a few different choices, 311 model, 210, 110 and 5102

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theres a picture of that on f 12

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try giving it a push, or holding it down for a second. there is normally a little light by the mouse pad or one of the front edges that will light up once its on.

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Note that it may be a function key on the F12 button. So, you may have to hold Fn and then hit F12. Fn is the blue “function” key on most laptops and provides the ability to turn up the volume, change the brightness, etc…

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ahhh yes, im so stupid. do what @erichw1504 said…

at the very bottom left of the keyboard, next to ctrl it will say “fn” on a button. hold it down and hit F12. that should fix it up 90% sure.

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well the light will go, on then when i go to set up networks it finds my network says searching for conncetion, Then says failed too connect

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@poisonedantidote I guess the statement, “two heads are better than one”, is true!

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Ok, then we are in to another problem. does it ask for a password when you try and connect? if so, the password is at the bottom of the router. letters should be capitalized, all o’s are supposed to be zeros.

also, try going to the black box again by typing cmd in to the start bar, and type ipconfig again, and see what it says now.

@erichw1504 indeed

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nope, before asking for a password it cant connect

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it did the same thing as before

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sorry, im kind of out of ideas. there are a couple of things we could try, by going in to the properties of things in the networks window, but im not really comfortable messing about with that via 3rd party over fluther without seeing what you are pressing. i could end up making it worse. ill see if i can find some help guides for you.

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okay, hmmm should I just call internet provider

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here is a link but not much info on it. i doubt drivers is the problem anyway.

yes, calling the ISP is probably the best step at the moment. sorry.

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Has anything changed on your computer since the last time that you connected to the internet? Like updates, or security patches. Maybe you installed some software, or accidentally hit a button on your computer.
I would recommend going to the Start button, control panel, and then Network & Internet. From there I would try Network & Sharing Center, then Connect to a Network.
Once you have clicked on that you should see your wireless network. If your wireless network is not showing up that might mean that your wireless card is not turned on, on your computer, which is what the others were trying to get at. And what the message “Media Disconnected” leads me to believe.
If your wireless card is not turned on, you should be able to view the connection by clicking “view network status and task” under the option “Network and Sharing Center”

Lastly, can you connect to the internet when you hardwire your notebook? (connect your internet cable to your computer)

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@lukiarobecheck “Lastly, can you connect to the internet when you hardwire your notebook? (connect your internet cable to your computer)”

That’s a good point, you should try that @water_123.

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This may seem silly or an obvious thing to check but my laptop has a tiny sliding toggle switch on the right side that locks off the wireless card. I only discovered it after a full day of troubleshooting my internet connection.

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When I was moving my laptop, I accidently pushed the button that lets you take out the wireless card. I pushed the card back in, but the internet stopped working. I pushed the button again and completely removed the card, then reinserted it. It tried to work. I called the internet provider to set up the network again. Support is free from most wireless providers, so there’s no reason not to use it if you have enough time.

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