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Which famous people would you have on your Sgt Pepper album cover?

Asked by Hawkeye (1250points) August 23rd, 2010

If you made a record and do a Sgt Pepper type cover

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Willie Mays, Jimmy Cliff, and Wilkiam Shatner (in Captain Kirk garb).

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Oh I love this question, but this could take me ages to write everyone’s name. Maybe I’ll make a photo manipulation of mine one day.

Surely Jim Henson would be there at the very least. Lewis Carroll can stay and Emily Dickinson would be added, too.

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Me. Hopefully I’m famous by then. :D
Other than that, probably Gene Kelly.

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The Rolling Stones.

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Oh, yes and Neil Patrick Harris.

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Myself, Astrochuck, and Punxsutawney Phil.

Plus, Sir Paul et al.

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Robert Shaw,Howie Long,Dolph Lundgren,and Herman Munster ;)

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Buster Keaton simply must be there. I feel bad for not including him in my previous post.

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@lucillelucillelucille Robert Shaw! Cool, ‘This shark, swallow you whole’

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I’d also have a corner with some of the famous people who share my birthday: PT Barnum, Katherine Helmond, Huey Lewis, Bill Watterson, Edie Falco, Robbie Robertson, Jean Cocteau, George Pompidou, RZA, and Dolly the Cloned Sheep.

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I would do it Taz the tazmanian devil, Gargamel, Pinky and the Brain, and Johnny Quest

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I’m a bit surprised one has said Betty White yet.

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