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Have you ever cried over the death of someone you didn't know personally?

Asked by jca (36002points) August 29th, 2014

Have you ever cried over the death of someone you didn’t know personally, someone you never met? A politician, a celebrity, a professional athlete, someone famous for example.

I thought of this question after reading the recent question about crying. I was reminded of when Princess Di was killed and so many people in the UK were shown crying. Same thing with so many other celebrities, and I heard it was like that when JFK was shot.

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Yes. I cried when JFK was shot, and again when RFK was shot. In those instances, it’s not the death of the individual as much as a collective death of a part of society.

And I cry sometimes in mourning when a parent child relationship is broken.

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Yes very often. Even if I hear a child abuse story for example, I will cry at times.

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No. In fact, there have been close deaths that I didn’t cry over, but the “closest” being my grandmother. It’s still a terrible feeling, though.

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I recall that when I heard the news on my car radio that Jimmy Stewart had died I pulled into a parking lot and sat there and cried. The passing of actors and singers I grew up with have made me cry because even though I had never met most of them, I felt I did know them from their performances. And, to some extent, I suppose it wasn’t only their loss I cried for but for the realization of the loss of my own youth.

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The death of a child is my Achilles heel.

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JFK, Louis Armstrong, John Ritter, John John, Michael Landon, Gilda Radner, Lady Di, Old Yeller, Bambi, Tony Randall, Buffy, lots of news tragedies like Sandy Hook, Columbine, little girls found in ditches and creeks, soldiers.

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I cried during the news of Robin Williams death. Even though I didn’t know him, it still felt like I had a connection with him through his movies and the roles he played. Plus, I have suffered from depression in the past. And I think it’s devastating that a person who brought laughter to so many people, was so unhappy as a person.

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Yes .. Mr. rogers. I tear up every time I watch this clip. I grew up with Mister Rogers Neighbourhood. feel special and loved. He died of stomach cancer cancer in 2003.

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I’ve teared up, but not a big cry.

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When Ade Edmondson carried Rik Mayall’s coffin, he looked completely heartbroken, I wept a brief tear.

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In my adult life, I remember crying less than a dozen times, so probably not.

I will say, though, that when comedian Gilda Radnor died, I mourned weekly for years, monthly for decades. Literally. It’s only in the past few years that I’ve given her more space.

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I can’t think of an individual, but I cried for the dead on 9/11.

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I have cried at the deaths of friends’ parents. More for my friend’s loss than anything else. And maybe the thought of when my mother goes.
I have cried over several famous people…Robin Williams, Frank Sinatra, Jon Entwistle, Shirley Temple and yes, Mr. Rogers too.

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No can’t say I have cried for someone I didn’t know, have felt incredibly sad for their passing , but cry no.

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Yes, Robin Williams. Normally I am very accepting of death, after all, it is what it is, we all will die, nothing really sad about it.
However.. he was SO freaking brilliant, an amazing mind, stellar improv. skills, and, being a very self aware type not only did it pain me to see such a wonderful humans light burn out ( but I totally support his choice to exit prior to the ravages of his conditions and impending old age ) but I also can relate on a personal level being of the same personality type, a comedienne at heart and struggling with the demise of my light this year.
A rare bird that will fly no more.

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Yes, often.

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No. Sadly.

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yes, only twice in my lifetime. President Kennedy and Pope John Paul.

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Yes, former pro hockey player Rick Martin. We were at the Sabres game where they announced his death. I sat down and wept. Not sobbing, but the tears wouldn’t stop. I grew up watching him play and the Sabres were a big part of my life. I think the tears were not just about his passing, but also for my dad. We watched and went to games together, so those memories came back.

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Michael Brown. :(

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Jim Henson – He’d been such a presence in my life, giving me the only bright moments in an otherwise miserable childhood and planting the seeds of belief that all people are worthy of love and acceptance. Plus he was young (53) and his death from influenza was just so random and unexpected.

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They played a Carpenters song on the radio today, and it occurred to me that I probably did, indeed, shed a tear when Karen died. Even today, just thinking about the waste of it just fills me with utter sadness.

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I cried some at the end of the Italian movie “La Vita E Bella” (Life Is Beautiful) when the charismatic hero is shot by a brutal German guard at a prison camp as the hero’s 5 year old son watches from hiding.

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