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If my religion teaches me to only marry someone of the same religion, and Im in love with someone who isnt, should I proclaim my beliefs hoping that they accept and convert, or is that not respecting their beliefs? Am I wasting my time?

Asked by cd7301 (61points) March 24th, 2008

In other words, what sould I do?

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Are you very religious because if its only teachings that have been forced upon you just do what you want to not what you are told to do.

i.e, Romeo And Juliet!!

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If you are a Christian I have a very easy answer for you.

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how long have you guys been together? And your serious, planning on marriage and a family?? My mom is catholic and my dad; Buddhist. When they were pretty serious, she told him how she felt ad if thy were to ever have children theyd be catholic and he respected that. Sorry, I see errors and my iPhone wont let me do that microscope thing on here.

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I am christian

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G-d is the bridegroom.

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That same letter to the church also talks about women not covering their heads. Paul only mentions that it is HARDER for a Christian and doesn’t recommend it but he also says not to get married but because of SEXUAL IMMORALITY you should get married.

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Love is the ultimate faith. It should prevail above all.

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G-d is love, but love is not G-d.

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Perhaps not completely…. but being able to be with someone you love is better than feeling betrayed by him/her.

I can’t imagine a god/goddess who would disallow human relationships based on how a person perceives him/her. You should never be punished for loving someone.

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Wait, are you asking if you are wasting your time with the person or your religion?

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You have four options.

You can ignore that teaching of your religion.

You can convert to a different religion.

You can explain the situation to your intended, and explain that you can’t get married unless s/he converts.

You can break it off with this person, explaining that you respect him/her too much to require him to change religion.

If your religious conviction is so strong that it will prevent you from marrying someone who is of a different religion, well, your intended should be aware of this by now. It probably won’t come as a surprise.

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Show me where it says you can’t marry someone from another religion…

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