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Whats YOUR zombie plan?

Asked by That0neguy01 (209points) August 24th, 2010

Your Zombie plan is the most important thing to be thinking about when your expecting a zombie apocalypse. i have given it much thought and know what i will do if the zombies ever come. what about you? whats your zombie plan?

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My zombie plan is never to watch a movie or read a book about this silly subject.

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First i want to hear your well thought plan.

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I asked a question similar to this a couple of weeks ago and I came to the conclusion that my best plan of action is to get in a car and drive away, very fast. If I run over a few of them on my way out, so much the better.

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This is entirely dependent on the type of zombie. Are we talking Shaun of the Dead zombies or Dawn of the Dead (2004) zombies? If it’s the former, I think I stand a chance without any type of preparation, but if it’s the latter—and I have given this serious thought prior to your posing the question here – I will assuredly be killed and/or eaten unless someone comes to my rescue.

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@muppetish This is based on the rules of EVERY zombie movie within reason haha. and not counting dead snow either. the movie dead snow conflicts with my zombie plan, @rebbel which i will explain in a few minutes after i eat my pizza.

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I will watch ‘Shawn of the Dead’ with them.

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Zombieland outlined some pretty good, basic rules. I don’t know whether I could come up with anything on my own. I’m curious to hear your plan though. It’s good to know who to stick by should undead creatures who want to eat me show up at my door.

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Walmart! I could survive there with a few other people for a decent amount of time and then when resources were running thin, I could load the vehicle with the most gas in the automotive center with the rest of the ammunition, food and other supplies and drive to the next Walmart. I would continue this plan until the zombies died off or until I ran out of Walmarts. Which would be a while considering that I live in the south and there are plenty of them down here…. Walmarts I mean… Not zombies.

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Are there going to be spoilers? I haven’t seen Dead Snow yet, and it’s in my queue….

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I can no longer wait for your pizza to be finished, @That0neguy01, so here it is:
I would expose them to bright light, force feed them after midnight, and throw water over them.

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I’ll go to my friends house who has a Hummer. because that’s obviously the best zombie-wrecking vehicle. And we’ll stop at Academy Sports for tons o guns, and then hide out in wal-mart.

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Simple, those fuckers will be Left 4 Dead!!!

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@rebbel Gremlins, my friend ;) Gremlins.

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@muppetish Oh well i ment rules as in for example “zombies can only be killed by headshots, there are zombies that can run, etc” when it comes to survival, you make up your own rules that you think would keep you safe from them lol.

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Well, I need to correct my comment above. I saw Zombieland a few weeks ago and LOVED it.

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@TheOnlyNeffie And no, there will be no spoilers besides “zombies can survive in snow” in that movie. @Austinlad thats the spirit lol @ Everyone My Zombie plan is this. Once the zombie apocalypse arrives, i will take my group of survivors and lead them to Alaska or Antarctica. where it will be far too cold for any zombie to survive. they have no sustaining body heat, so they would just freeze up like frozen zombiesicles. then we would just find a supermarket or something full of food and survive off of that until we can think of our next move. that is my zombie plan lol. many flaws, but i came on here to see wat you all think and hear your plans

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@That0neguy01 I don’t think there are grocery stores in Antarctica.

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@Randy Lol thats why i said Antarctica/ Alaska. wasnt sure which one had the better supplies

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My plan is to eat their brains.

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00 Buck and dynamite

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I shall be out in the streets in a suit of armour and long sword chopping off heads.

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several cases of MRE’s, several cases of .223

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Are these running rage zombies or slowly shuffling zombies? If it’s rage zombies, I’m toast because I’m not in good enough shape to outrun them. If it’s the other kind, I can pretty much make do with stuff around the house.

The first thing I’ll do is board up windows on lower levels of the house so zombies can’t get in. My grandmother is really paranoid about safety, so we have a chain-link ladder in the storage room that you can use to escape an upstairs window in case of a fire. I’ll destroy/ block off the stairs and use the ladder to get in and out of an upper window.

If it’s really the zombie apocalypse, we probably won’t have gas anymore, or we’ll have massive looting. I’ll use my bike to get around- it’s just fast enough to outrun shuffling zombies, and it’s quieter than a car. I have a metal garden shovel (I’ll sharpen the edges) and a hammer that I’ll use as weapons. I’ll put a strap on the shovel so I can wear it across my back.

If there’s still some kind of infrastructure around, like a hospital or a farm, I’ll try to work there in exchange for food. If not, I’ll go out during the day and scavenge for food. After a while, I’ll try to grow my own food. I’ll try to work together with other people for survival and zombie-killing.

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Get to the deep woods.

Going to wal mart or the mall is a horrible idea. The fact that there are tons of supplies in places like that is exactly why they should be avoided: people will crowd there and the infection will spread quicker. Also, you would have a good chance of being killed by looters or raiders after the initial attacks.

The deep woods would be much safer, if you had the appropriate skills (which I mostly do).

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@Randy I like that plan. I could survive their too.

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I’m going solo if a zombie apocalypse ever happens. I’ll break my plan down bit by bit with a reason for each. :)

Go solo. I’d go solo because you aren’t distracted or have to worry about another person. It has it’s down fall that you won’t have anyone to watch your six (back), but I’d rather cover my six (back) and twelve (front) myself, than to put faith into a person that could either kill me, get me killed, or desert me. Also, if you get attached to someone during a zombie apocalypse and they die, then it messes with your emotions. You become reckless and careless and could easily get yourself killed.

Get Guns and Ammo. This is pretty essential for a zombie apocalypse and doesn’t need much of an explanation. I’d also probably have one machete, two knives and a bullet for myself. If anything were to go wrong, I’d rather shoot myself than to be one of them.

Get other essential items. This would be flashlights, batteries, some canned foods and anything else I would need.

Wear light clothing. I’d wear maybe jean shorts, a tank top, and some converse. I’ll pretty much be weighed down by the guns, knives, bullets, etc. That the light clothing would help a bit, not much, but a bit helps. Also, I gotta keep some sex appeal to a zombie apocalypse. Never know when some hot military guy is gonna come put a bullet through a zombies head for you. ;)

Head out of the major city I’m in. I’d take the back roads out of my city and get away from town as fast as I could. I’d search for a secure hide-out, make sure it was clear of zombies and then rest for as long as I needed..which would be maybe, be a day. I’d continue on my way and only travel by day. I’d travel by night as well, but your sight isn’t that well in the dark.

Look for military base or place where survivors might be. I would try to find a rescue squad and get myself with them. This goes against my going solo rule, but if they were going to take me some place safe..then I would go.

TADA! That is ducky_dnls survival plan for a zombie apocalypse.

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Guns, MRE’s, and lots of TP.

Find higher ground with a small group of very trustworthy friends.

Fend off for as long as possible, then move to a new spot.

Rinse, lather, repeat.

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@ducky_dnl That is a truly excellent Zombie plan and an epic answer lol. bravo :)

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I’d grab my weapons, supplies, food, water, friends and head out of the city to hunt and kill every zombie we see. I’m not going down without a fight! What’s the point in surviving if most of the people you know and care about are gone? Screw that, I’m out to be the hero.

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Weapons, water and food supply are a must. I’d make sure I’d have plenty of everything on hand I would need to survive for who knows how long.
I don’t think barricading yourself is a very good idea, don’t trap yourself inside a building because, eventually, those things can break their way inside. Wide open space is better, less chance of yourself getting crowded in and trapped by these zombies. I agree that you should try and get to a car to get away.
I’m starting to learn more about zombies. I was always under the impression zombies were slow and dim witted. But lately, I’ve seen zombie movies where they can run and climb. So I would need to be prepared for every situation. But everyone should know that the number one rule in surviving a zombie attack is to shoot them in the head.

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