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Why does my male cat allow a female kitten to suckle his teat?

Asked by peglegtrading (12points) August 24th, 2010

He isn’t the most macho of cats, but he can go a few rounds in the alley. Just the other day I saw him trying to give it to another female.

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Aw….. :) He probably doesn’t know that the kitten it trying to suckle from a teat, he’s most likely just tolerating her all over him because he’s a sweet kitty.

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yeah he is one sweet kitty. his brother was special too but that damn vet gave him the wrong medicine. stopped him right up. damn her!

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Damn her indeed…. :(

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Maybe it feels good to him?

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He seems to take full advantage licking the kitten like an ice cream.

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Awww, that is cute. I agree with @NaturallyMe that he’s probably tolerating the kitten. Maybe he thinks he’s a girl, but acts like boy?

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He sounds like a bit of a pussy to me.

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I had a similar situation. We’d had an enormous fluffy male cat for about 1 year, then one night we brought home a little female kitten. Our huge tom was so taken with her that he was extraordinarily gentle and bathed her, let her climb him and snuggle him and she also rooted around on him, trying to nurse. He never took offense and just let her do whatever she wanted.

He’s still such a gentleman with her that during their evening feeding time, he steps away and lets her eat as much as she wants, then he’ll eat when he sees that she’s finished. And he still bathes her like he’s her momma. It’s an adorable relationship.

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