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How do you know when you need new running shoes?

Asked by tablack01 (313points) August 24th, 2010

I bought a pair of running shoes in June and I think I might need a new pair. Is there a standard mileage or way to tell that I need to get new shoes?

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See whether the treads are worn, very much like deciding when to rotate your tires.

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I replace mine when they lose that cushion feeling. When the shoes just starts to feel like a worn out piece of cloth instead of an actual shoe that used to have more support.

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I replace mine ~every 9 months. If you run every day, they’re going to wear out faster than street shoes.

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I’ve heard that you should get new running shoes every ~600 miles. Seriously.

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If the outer sole of your sunning shoes has worn through and or the mid-sole looks compressed then you need to think about getting a new pair. I change my running shoes when the outer sole is gone exposing the midsole but not after I have repaired it at least a couple of times. I quickly wear out the outer sole on the outside edges of my forefoot area and to repair it I simple cut some of the outer sole of old pair of running shoes and “Shoe Goo” (by Penguin) the pieces onto the worn areas of my current running shoes. This works great and makes my running shoes as good as new again.

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Sorry about the “sunning shoes”. HA! that must be a freudian slip as it was so sunny and warm (mid 80ºF) here today. I had to take water with me on my 8 mile jog (on my newly repaired running shoes).

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When you notice their “tongues” are hanging out.

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When your toes are slappin’ on the pavement! Lol! Every 500 miles or so.

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When the soul comes out. That’s what happened to my brother last week! I think, whenever you can go barefoot, your body will thank you. “Earthing, the most important health discovery ever?” by Stephen Sinatra, MD. Fascinating! Most of us are electron deficient, going barefoot grounds us to “Mother earth”!

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^^ Quick. You mean “sole,” I hope.

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