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Can "Blake" be a girl name?

Asked by X_Peace_Love_Freedom_X (86points) August 24th, 2010

I’m writing a story and i like the name Blake. I was just wondering if it could be a girl name as well as a boy’s.

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Yes. It sounds unisex to me. Anyway it seems these days people name their children whatever they like, regardless.

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Blake Lively.

ohhhhh yes it can…

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According to, yes, it can be. I see it as a boy’s name (I actually like the name a lot; it’s my boyfriend’s middle name), but it can definitely be a girl’s name.

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It’s your story so, of course – in Little Women nobody minded that Laurie was who he was and Jo was who she was.

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@J0E Beat me to it. Blake Lively is an actress. She is definitely female.

I’m a staunch believer in names being used for both baby girls and baby boys. To each their own.

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Yes. I also like Ryan for a girl’s name.

@J0E what a beauty

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if that girl is a tomboy or not

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I believe so.

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Sure. It’s pretty.

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As soon as a girl is named Blake it becomes a girl name.

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Pretty much anything can be anyone’s name as long as someone uses it for the purpose.

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Yes, and there are many other examples of gender generic names, be it common or not. ‘Austin’ is one that comes to mind.

Sharon Stone’s character of Blake Chandler in Irreconcilable Differences_ is another.

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Yes, I have a good friend named George that’s a girl.

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@Deja_vu Your real name wouldn’t be Nancy Drew, would it?

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@Pied_Pfeffer Nope. I’ve heard of Nancy Drew, not to familiar. In the book does she have a friend named George as well?

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It sounds more like a boy’s name to me, but then again, many boys names are becoming more unisex.

@Deja_vu There’s a girl called George in the Famous Five books by Enid Blyton. Her proper name is Georgina but being a total tomboy everyone calls her George instead.

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