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Do you feel that good things are more short lived than bad things?

Asked by ducky_dnl (5384points) August 25th, 2010

IMO, I believe that good things are a lot more shorter lived than bad things. What do you feel?

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I agree.
But then again, I am not the most optimistic person in the world.

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Not always the case, but agree that the bad/negative things tend to eat away in our heads longer.

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Time flys when you’re having fun, eh? When things suck, it’s like time stands still. Definitely. It’s a cruel joke.

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Depends on the thing. Some bad things have a rather long half-life. And many good things can last a lifetime, or most of a lifetime. Life is complicated and difficult, but there is much joy and happiness and solace in it. You have to roll with the punches.

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Look on the bright side of life

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It sure feels that way especially when you are hurt.

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Sometimes bad things are the result of not preparing or doing the right thing up front. The clean-up on aisle 9 generally takes added effort. There’s no aftermath to good times.

This works with relationships. Taking the time to have an up-front conversation about expectations and needs can be emotionally draining, but leads to a healthier relationship. If you don’t say anything, and hope the person guesses correctly about what you need from the relationship, it’s more likely you will end up fighting about why they didn’t guess correctly.

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I agree. It is a simple matter of standards. Good things that happen every day are taken for granted and called mundane, while bad things that happen every day drag us down. If you find more things to call ‘good’, then it may just last longer than the ‘bad’.

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The universe makes true happiness impossible but it’s random enough to create moments of improvement. This feels like goodness but even if it stays that way or keeps improving at the same rate it’s just going to make you feel like you’re missing that much more. You can improve yourself a lot though so that keeps some people entertained a lifetime. In nature sure, good times are pretty rare. But people can get some pretty amazing things done, I still think some people are content.

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Short, long, it’s in our heads and hearts. We can make the good things or bad ones in our life last forever long as we want depending on how we choose to see them.

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It sure seems like it. It hard not to dwell on the bad stuff. You just got to pull yourself out of it and make some good happen. Cherish the good. Not dwell on the bad

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Good things just seem shorter because you’re enjoying them, which makes time seem to go faster.

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I don’t think they are actually short lived, I think, in general, that people tend to take the good things for granted. Then, when the good thing is gone, they realize just how good it was and wish it was still there. In addition, I think the bad things seems to stick around longer because, in general, people tend to hold on the their sadness and anger longer than necessary without trying to find the means to get passed it.

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I feel it’s all in your attitude.How you handle the bad things ;)

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Luck is short-lived. you have to enjoy the short time of good luck, before that other time takes over. gamblers will understand this answer.

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Perception is everything. If you believe good things are more short-loved then they will be. Life is too short to think only of the bad things. You’ve got a lot of life left to live, my friend, and I assure you the bright things are just around the corner! Don’t fret, sweetie.

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No, not at all.

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Kinda, more like the good things more easily go to long term memory and the ick things are closer to the surface, more accessible to annoy.

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It always seems that way; like the feeling you get when driving home – it always seems faster than the drive there.

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