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How to get six pack abs?

Asked by ticen (1points) March 25th, 2008 from iPhone
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Do several crunches while looking this question up in a google search.

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Eat healthy, cut out all sugar and exercise a ton.

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ya he can ask this but something I think poeple will have fun with gets taking down

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Cardio and crunches. You need cardio to burn the calories and fat and the crunches to tone the muscle.

And it’s very important to be eating healthy too. Lots of fruits and veggies, some protein and carbs too and make sure to be drinking lots of water.

I do what I like to call the “ab odyssey of fun” where I do anywhere from 10–12 sets of 25 crunches each. All different types. My favorite is the bicycle crunch.

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I believe the easiest way, would be to drink a six pack a day, and with little time and effort, you will have “six-pack” abs.

Oh wait, you didn’t want those? Sorry, try google.

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Technically… Everyone has them but in most cases they’re just a bit covered up.

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Right as always delerium… Always good to see one of your responses.

Too bad ticen didn’t pay attention to the instructions fluther gives to google something before posting a question… Then all these sarcastic responses wouldn’t be here. Then again, we also wouldn’t be able to have our fun.

Lest we forget what Margaret Cho says about guys with abdominal muscles…

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I appreciate your.. appreciation Silver. :)

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Please, call me Brandon.

But since the people who are watching this question probably aren’t as… Appreciative as we are I shall still hold to my earlier suggestion. Or Margaret’s theory is always fun… ;-)

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look at his other question its not safe for first grader to work out that hard

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It also helps go to back in time to make sure you have good genetics and the right metabolism.

A friend of mine found that if he was willing to spend an hour working out daily and track what he ate to the microgram, he could have six pack abs. He decided it wasn’t worth it.

Other people don’t need to put in nearly that level of effort. This friend’s partner has what my friend refers to as “that damned Mediterranean metabolism,” and has six pack abs for the effort of doing a few crunches a day.

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Who would want six-pack abs when they could have a pony keg belly like mine?!!

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I studied Aikido for a long time. I remember getting a solid six pack really quickly. In between getting thrown, rolling, and constaintly getting up and down off a mat, it was an intense ab workout. The cardio was really heavy as well.

I also ate really well too. Google the Men’s Health abs diet. Keep in mind that you’re going to have to work for them. If it were super easy in a well fed, affluent country, everyone would have them.

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