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Do you think we should fall in love with our eyes closed?

Asked by ducky_dnl (5378points) August 25th, 2010

I was reading the story of Eros and Psyche. Eros was the Greek god of love who fell in love with the mortal Psyche. He married her, had her taken to his castle, and loved her physically without her ever seeing what he looked like. She falls madly in love with him because the way he has treated her, etc, etc. Well, in the story she invited her sisters to visit her because she was very lonely during the day when Eros was out. She did not know she was married to Eros at all. Well anyway, her sisters tell her things to break her trust and faith with Eros. Eros told her that when the time was right, he’d show her what he looked like. Out of jealousy and anger she went against Eros’ word and snuck in to see what he looked like. She discovered that she was married to a handsome god, but he wakes up due to wax from the lamp she was holding dripping on his shoulder. He shouts a bit, then leaves her forever. It was a sad story to me! :/

Anyway, the moral is that love should be blind, and that how someone treats you should mean way more than the way someone looks. Do you think that we should fall in love with our eyes closed and be blind to vanity? Metaphorically speaking of course. :P

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Through Athens I am thought as fair as she.
But what of that? Demetrius thinks not so.
He will not know what all but he do know.
And as he errs, doting on Hermia’s eyes,
So I, admiring of his qualities.
Things base and vile, holding no quantity,
Love can transpose to form and dignity.
Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.
– Helena, A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

There is no should with love if it is love at all. There is only opinion in like. I like green eyes. I like accents. I like a degree of geekiness. I like fitted suits. When you love someone, it is already blind. You don’t choose. You reason out what you like about the person, but ultimately you cannot pinpoint how you love them – you just do.

Love is already blind.

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Thank you for sharing that lovely fable. And, in answer to your question, yes. For if we’re too enthralled with someone’s looks, we are blind to all considerations of character. Unfortunately, if physical chemistry is absent, a lot of people find that they can’t be happy in the relationship.

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Yes, superficial beauty is fleeting and subjective. Inner beauty holds true.

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I’d rather be with someone who treated me well and wasn’t that good looking then someone that is good looking and treats me wrong.

So yes, I think the world would be a better place if we fell in love blind. Then the nice guy that deserves the girl would get her, and the jerk would get nothing. :)

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I love Greek Mythology. Yes. If only we could love blind. Reminds of the stepson on leave who complaining. Why don’t I ever get the girl. I am a nice guy ? The fact of the matter he is too nice.

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There is an interesting show that does this called Dating in the Dark. Normally I’m not into that crap but I find that show to be a fascinating experiment for that very reason. On the show people meet each other in the dark and go on dates in the dark. If they like someone they can ask them out for further dates in the dark. Eventually, after about a week of this, they get to see a 10-second glimpse of each other with the lights on. Then they decide if they are still attracted to the person and whether they want to continue dating after the show.

Sometimes the people are no longer attracted to the person (even if they had been getting along great in the dark) and sometimes, they are still attracted to the person (in spite of what they look like).

I don’t think we should meet people in the dark in real life – that would be too risky and would encourage some very dangerous behavior that already happens in places of near-darkness. However, I think it would be a fun experiment in a regulated environment (e.g. speed-dating in the dark).

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