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Newbs: you check a profile of someone you are arguingdebating with and see "Member since 2008" - does this affect your answer?

Asked by zen_ (6268points) August 25th, 2010

Are you impressed, intimidated, or perhaps don’t care or bother to check who is an old-time jelly?

Does it matter at all?

I don’t think so, but what do you think?

Personally, I just lurve the original members (see my q on how to keep jellies from leaving here for good) and I think they almost automatically deserve credit for actually sticking around for so long – with the dramatic changes that fluther has undergone.

What say you?

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I can’t remember the last time I checked a profile specifically for that.

If I do check a profile it is because I want to talk them or know more about that jelly, and add them. :)

It means nothing to me and changes nothing.

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Not a newb, per se, but I do tend to give more weight to age and lurve than perhaps is entirely warranted.

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Member since: August 19th, 2010.

Go make me a sandwich, rookie.

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I don’t look at how long the people I’m debating with have been here. I don’t think it is relevant to the debate (unless we were debating about Fluther for some reason, then it would be). I have noticed some people that have been here for years when I go to send them a message or add them to my Fluther and I think it’s awesome that people have stuck around this long.

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Lurve or length of time do not matter to me. It is quality questions/responses that matter the most to me. Sometimes I see a question or answer I believe is great but will hardly get any votes and sometimes a real dumb response will get 5 to 10 GA votes. I bring my last point up because that’s what determines a lurve score to begin with. Why some last longer than others I do not know. I also know I would never leave Fluther because a certain user/s left. There will always be new jellies that will offer a unique viewpoint or who give quality responses/questions.

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I don’t think I’ve ever checked a profile for how long the person has been on Fluther. I have checked to see if they hold a degree in the field we might be discussing. That doesn’t always deter me from debating.

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When I was new, I don’t think it ever occurred to me to even check.

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There’s a Membership date on our profile?

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It shouldn’t matter when the user joined, everyone has their own opinion regardless of how long they have used the site.

I don’t check…..I respect everyone’s opinion anyway.

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I don’t think I ever checked to see how long someone had been here but it did often cross my mind that if they had a very high lurve score then they were probably a hell of a lot more popular than I was and this may affect the way other people reacted to our “discussion”. I can really only remember one discussion that got heated but it was just a difference of opinion and not a right/wrong thing. I now consider that person t be one of my favourite Jellies and I hope they have no hard feelings towards me

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@Leanne1986…OK, I trust this is the last time I have to say this: both Barry Manilow and Celine Dion are just terrible…..but, I still lurve you! Maybe it is just a matter of opinion, but come on. Manilow? Dion?
See ya…..Gary/wtf

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How long he or she has been on Fluther holds no relevance for me. I’m interested in a member’s profession, interests and life experience—and ability to articulate an idea or position clearly and rationally. Also, while I enjoy the information and point of view from an “expert,” I’m generally more impressed with people who aren’t sure than those who are absolutely positive.

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I’m with @hawaii_jake on this. I might check to see what their fields of expertise are, but I don’t assume that longevity on the site alone determines how cogent their argument is.

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Not at all, i never look. My answer would be the same regardless of how long the user had been using Fluther.

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I love WTF! He has the best answers.

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Never cared who was/is making a post.

It makes sense or it does not.

The rest of you can kiss my ass. ;-)

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@bob_ Hysterical. You so smart. I lurve you my brother from another fluther.

@Gary (edited when I saw your nonsense): I saw Celine in concert when she was starting out. She was a star, and will always be one. Manilow rocks big time. But so does Bocelli – Paul Simon – Mark Knopfler – John Lennon – Leonard Cohen – and especially, Freddie Mercury (we miss you big guy!).

If you still disagree, and I lurve ya anyway, see what cruiser wrote.

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I’m not sure what constitutes “newb” or “old-timer,” but I only look at profiles to gawk at the purty pictures.

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^ I knew it. Stop it.

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@zen_ :( You shur gots a pretty mouth.

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Did you call me a potty mouth? The font is so small here.

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@zen_….Nice Bocelli link, thank you. That’s a fine list you put together. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing both Mercury and Knopfler live, have been a longtime fan of Simon and Cohen and idolize Lennon above everyone else. I would respectfully add Mr. Zimmerman to that list. I most certainly still lurve you, but as far as Dion and Manilow go, I add one Mr. Michael Bolton and request you keep your ipod to yourself!
See ya…...Gary/wtf

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@zen_ A pretty petty potty mouth?

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^ Say that three times quickly while chewing gum.

^^ Word. Re. Zimmerman… only if he isn’t singing his songs.

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@zen_…c’mon, that goes without saying! See ya…..Gary/wtf

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It makes no difference to me in the least.

I am not into cliques and favoritism, I believe everyone is equal regardless of length of membership, gender, age, etc.

Admittedly I am a sucker for those that have a good sense of humor, which speaks volumes to me about their overall outlook and emotional health.

There is no heirachy based on length of participation imo, and those that believe otherwise are delusional and overly full of themselves.

It’s a public forum not an election for homecoming king/queen. lol

I do like to be a bit extra friendly to newcomers as they navigate their way into this scene.

The ONLY benefit of being a more ‘seasoned’ member is in becoming more familiar with other regulars posting styles, attitudes, a general feeling for their personality, humor, passions or, pissiness. lol

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I really don’t pay any attention, to be honest. So, no, it doesn’t have an effect on what I say.

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Uhh, a lot of people myself included have new accounts so that would be kind of stupid.

Plus why would that matter anyway? Just because some members have been here longer than others doesn’t mean they’re any better than newer members. That’d be ridiculous.

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I’m new and improved, @chels ;-)

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@zen_ That underscore looks really, really good on you.

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I know. I got it from a hottie.

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The only time I look at profiles is when a person interests me and I want to add them to my Fluther, or leave them a private message.

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Even if I hadn’t joined in 2008, I still wouldn’t get “intimidated” by the older members. A person is a person, and I value their opinions all the same whether they’re a newbie or an oldie. :)

I still can’t believe I’ve been here almost two years!

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I check profiles constantly. I like knowing details about people, but those details don’t affect how I interact with them. I’m just curious by nature.

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Hey check it out, @chels is now a mod! XD

@FutureMemory I guess you do learn things about people when you check out their profiles XD

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Yes, yes I am :)

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We have added awesome new mods this week! :D

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@whatthefluther OK, Dion, I will admit is not the coolest addition to my iPod (even I am ashamed of that one) but, I ask you, how can you not respect Manilow? The guy wrote Copacaban for crying out loud I know you secretly love it.

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Oh, he loves it. Denial isn’t a river in Egypt, you know.

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<=== too sexy for this question.

Member since 2007

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Member since January of 09 so that totally counts as 08 so all of you are my bitches.

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@Leanne1986 , @zen_…..OK, already. Yes, I used to watch the Manilow TV specials….he used to have cool guests. And yes, maybe I do sing along to Copacabana…’s got a good beat and it is a somewhat fun song. I guess I’m not a big fan of some of pop music altho I generally like all music. However, do not, under any circumstances, expect a concession of any sort for Michael Bolton….it won’t come from me.
See ya…...Gary/wtf.

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@whatthefluther Ok, maybe it was the mullet, but I used to like Michael Bolton. There. I said it. My darkest secret is out there on the internet. And… I went to one of his concerts and actually touched his left shoulder!

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I have respect for someone that has stuck around for many years, but I’m not going to tiptoe around them.

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@whatthefluther The only Michael Bolton song I own is a duet he does with Jennifer Rush. Jennifer Rush is ok, right?!

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@chyna…...Well, we all make mistakes. Hell, I think I even liked George W for a couple minutes, once… wait, that can’t be right…...
@Leanne1986…..Well, Jennifer Rush survived that ordeal, so we know she is strong….
I still lurve both of you….even more so for your honesty!
See ya…..Gary/wtf
@chyna…..Where did those first 4 GAs come from? Closet Bolton fans on fluther?! No, must be mullet fans!

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