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How do I fix this problem while installing in XP?

Asked by antimatter (4411points) August 26th, 2010

Error 1931. The Windows Installer service cannot update the system file C:\ ...\comctl32.dll because the file is protected by Windows. You may need to update your operating system for this program to work correctly.

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What is it that you are trying to install that would want access to that?

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I agree with @wgallios we need more info on what it is you’re trying to do.

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Try closing down every program that’s running. There could be something still running that’s using that .DLL

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@wgalios and @AppoloX64 ever heard of 3D Canvas?

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@mrentropy tried that it’s not working…

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Actually, over the years I’ve had the XP Installer component go corrupt a couple of times. I had to reinstall that (from a Microsoft-com download). Then installations of other apps worked fine.

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The problem is that it’s with any software I tried to install!

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@ipso I think I’ll try that as a last resort.

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@antimatter wrote “The problem is that it’s with any software I tried to install!”

Exactly. That’s why you have to do an OS fix, by reinstalling the Installer component via the MS website. This fix bypasses the regular app installer.

I would do it as a first choice, as it’s not an uncommon problem.

Google “XP Installer corrupt”

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Have you tried just ignoring the error and installing the program anyway. A user on 3D canvas website forums has had the same problem and that is how they got round it Link

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