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Where do I start if I want to do voice overs and sing jingles for television and radio commercials?

Asked by MrsDufresne (3547points) August 26th, 2010

I cover songs as a hobby on YouTube, and I find great joy in singing.
I hear people sing the jingles on commercials, and I want to do that too.
What would be the first step to take to be able to do this?

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I have some experience with this, having both hired voice talent and occasionally doing voice work myself. One route is to find a professional recording studio and talk to the owner or one of the engineers. Sometimes they have classes or know where you can take classes, and this is a good way to network as well as polish your craft. You might even get some work from a studio.

Another route is to find a talent agency and audition.

In preparation for either of these routes, I suggest you do some personal recordings and make a CD

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