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How do I jailbreak my iPhone?

Asked by siri (70points) March 25th, 2008 from iPhone

how do I jailbreak my iPhone without having to pay to do it. And what sites are best for web apps?

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65Stang's avatar, and just wait for the consumer part of the sdk in June.

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I was wondering. It’s Tuesday and I hadn’t seen this question yet…

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Google ZiPhone

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If your iPhone is already on AT&T, just wait till June. The AppStore is going to be 10x better than

However, people like me who have iPhones on other networks are stuck with because if we update our firmware, our phones become locked again. I jailbroke my iPhone with ZiPhone (

So just wait till June. You won’t be disappointed.

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if I were to
jailbreak my iPhone now, would I be able to undo the process to be able to apply apps with the new appstore in June?

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If you have an iPhone on AT&T, yes, you could just restore to factory defaults and then get the App Store in June…

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