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Do you find yourself only looking in the social section of Fluther?

Asked by mowens (8392points) August 27th, 2010

I don’t even bother looking in the general section of Fluther because I have nothing worth-while to contribute. I enjoy making snide remarks that will inevitably get moderated. I figure I will save the Fluther mods the time and effort of doing so. Do you find yourself doing the same thing?

Before you lie… this was placed in the Meta section. ;)

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Overwhelming majority of the time yes, social is where I gravitate. Just the way the cookie crumbles :¬)

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Nope. I enjoy all three sections. It seems like a majority of questions are being posted in Social nowadays, so obviously most of my answers are there, but I really enjoy being able to answer something in General, when the right question (per my areas of expertise) comes along. Joking around is fun and all, but I find it more gratifying when I can answer a question thoughtfully in the General section, and hopefully help somebody out.

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I use the General Section for its intended purpose, but I also don’t follow the discussions there. Just answer the question and leave. I’ve been modded too many times “off topic” for participating in follow-up discussion.

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I avoid the social section. I look at it a few times a day but never see anything interesting.

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I always start with the “Questions for You” which gives me a ton from all the sections. If I don’t see anything I like there and I am in an answering mood, I will peruse the others in order.

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And remember that this shows the questions from all sections in the same place.

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I hang out in social or meta and only go to general to look for hidden Mickey’s.

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No. I look at all the sections.

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The general section, though I slather myself with those questions, have a form on Mod Nazi I have not see since the Mod Squad of 73.

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I look in “Just For You”, mostly, but if something catches my eye on either the left or right on the bottom of a Q I’m on, I’ll mosey over there.

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I look in all 3 sections. I like answering questions in all 3 sections because of their differences.

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No, I answer questions in all sections.

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Uh. no. Definitely not.

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Nope. I prefer general. It tends to have the sort of helpful, intelligent responses that originally attracted me to Fluther.

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No, I definitely look at them all, but I probably answer more questions in the social section. I find the General section to be a bit bland at times and often containing very specific questions that only have a couple answers. I’m here for discussion and debate; you tend to find that more in the Social section.

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I try to stay on topic no matter where the question is. I go by the question itself rather than if it’s in the social or general. I am either interested in the question or not. If I feel I can not answer something (even in the social sec) then I still avoid the questions. For the most part I find myself answering more stuff on the social than general. That is just a coincidence however, it comes down to the interest in a topic to me.

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I mostly go to the social section, because a lot of the general questions are practical questions or looking for some specific knowledge. So I’ll be reading through them like, “I don’t know how to fix widgets! I can’t help you!”

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No never do I pick one section. I am constantly looking in all the sections.

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I spend the majority of my time in the General and Meta sections (part of the job), and only get over to the Social Section if I’ve done everything I need to do and have time to kill. As for asking, I use all sections, depending on the nature of my question.

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I check both sections daily but it is very rare that I post anything in the General section. I always check though as sometimes I find discussions that I am happy just to read rather than join in. I also always check the Meta section.

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I like looking at all 3 sections. In General I’ve picked up a lot of good technical advice; in Social I like the all-around good nature and relaxed atmosphere; in Meta I’ve learned a lot about how Fluther works.

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As General is the default I’ll look at those Q’s and then go to Meta. I like Social because it’s fun and chatty – and I prefer to ask my own questions rather than answer someone else’s – though I do that too.

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I avoid posting questions in General, not wanting to be responsible for someone being modded. I’ll answer questions in any section, but I’m super careful in General to stick strictly to the point, no humor, nothing even slightly off-topic; but that’s what General is all about anyway.

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Yes indeed, i know my place!

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