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Are 10K achievements contagious?

Asked by janbb (58204points) August 27th, 2010

It’s so funny. It seems like we go weeks with no-one achieving 10K and then all of a sudden there’s a raft of parties. Is it catching like measles? I’m curious to hear any theories y’all might have.

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Well all I can think of is a lot of Jellies joined in waves like all us AB’s that came over last December and maybe are hitting their milestone in waves. Kind like if you sent 200 people out for a mile walk…you’d have your photo finish…then groups…then stragglers. The only theory I can think of??

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Couldn’t have said it better @Cruiser. Looking forward to more 10K’ers… and 20K’ers!

Is anyone at 30K yet?

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There are about 5 30K’ers so far – Marinelife, gailcalled, johnpowell, Astrochuck and wundayatta are, I believe, the ones.

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@janbb Cool, thanks. Can’t wait for someone to make 40K.

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It’s like a new Brat Pack.

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“I’m curious to hear any theories y’all might have.”

Usually after 9,999 we have a 10k celebration.

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@ChazMaz Trust you to have a scientific theory. ~

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Why do i miss all the parties :( i love giving my cONgRaTuLaTiOnS!
I reckon after some good questions we get some good answers boosting those lurve points xx

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Congrats to a wonderful contributer! You rock!!!

who is this for again?

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did anyone give Rebel a party? could not find it!

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One of the best parties ever, thanks to Rebbel!

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