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Is there a good antique or vintage shop?

Asked by knots (1points) August 28th, 2010

There are no antique stores where I live, so I was wondering if there was a good one online. I’m not looking for a specific item or anything. Thanks ^^

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cazzie's avatar look under ‘vintage’...

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I love browsing Etsy for vintage goods (particularly clothing, but some store fronts cater to my love for collecting paper goods from yesteryear) and if you don’t mind digging, Ebay can turn up some amazing deals. Outside of those two directories, I haven’t attempted to buy vintage items from online retailers. They’re a bit difficult to come by.

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just lost ¾ of an hour on Ruby Lane great site @AmWiser

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Yes there are thousands.
What are you looking for?

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@sakura you did good ¾ of an hour, I usually get stuck there at least 2 hours:0)

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my hubby was whining that I was still on the flipping laptop!!

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Ruby Lane, Ebay.

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