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Do you swear alot in everyday life?

Asked by Frenchfry (7569points) August 28th, 2010

I don’t swear all that often . I was told not to growing up. Women do not swear. I have a kid helps curbed it as well. I swear when I mad or every so often to show disgust ,or to prove a point.. Who swears more men or women? Do you find it cool or attractive?

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All the mother fucking time, bitch.

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It depends on my surroundings and the company I’m with. At work? No. Visiting Mom and Dad? No. At a bar with friends? Sure. Fuck yeah.

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@papayalily hahaha ! You crack me up. I guess so.

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Somewhat. I swear a lot around my brother and my closest friends, who reciprocate it quite a bit. :)

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Fuck no
Then again I really don’t talk a lot IRL.

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I used to but realized it made me sound stupid. I stopped. Also I almost swore in front of my mom.

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@Michael_Huntington I’m with you on the no talking thing. I probably swear the same as anyone else, but 25% of the words I say are profanity.

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allllll the time

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Apparently i do quite much so.
Last winter when my girlfriend was here with me, in Holland, she was trying to learn my language.
You know, the basic things “Shall i massage your feet now, or after the match has finished?” “May i cook your favorite meal for you tonight?”, but soon i heard her giving examples of her new learned words to my parents that made me blush.

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I try not to do it that often. For me, it seems to be related to how I’m feeling. When I’m angry or anxious, I seem to do it more often.

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No. :]

When I do, it’s only if I’m really mad about something and then people at school will say “oh my God, Piper swore!” because it’s so uncommon. lol

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I have a terrible potty mouth. You’d be shocked.

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I used to swear horribly but have made a conscious effort to curtail myself in the past few years. A man I was once in love with told mutual acquaintances that aside from my embarassing swearing then I was as close to the woman of his dreams as he’d met but couldn’t bring himself to introduce me to his family. That hurt deeply.

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not much but i have notice i swear more and more easy and often at this rate of progression when im 40 every other word will be a swear. (funny story i knew some one that every other word was a swear)

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@whothei0 Hey I think we know the same person. He can’t say a whole sentence without swearing.

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Don’t tell me his name is Jimmy. lol

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I don’t censor myself much, and many of the swears I learned as a kid were those I picked up from my mother while driving, like “needle-dicked bug-fucker”. (She doesn’t swear much except when she is behind the wheel. Get her on the road though….)

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I don’t swear much anymore—my company frowns on it—but I’ve been know to drop the F-bomb from time to time. My dad swore all the time. His favorite was—and apologies to my Christian friends on Fluther—Jeeeesus H. Christ!

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Not at all.
Edit: except in one joke.

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More that I used to of late.

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It comes out as a reactionary response to being startled. I have conditioned myself to say Judas Preist instead of Jesus Christ. You never know what kind of people you’re around in public and I wanted to be respectful.

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Nope. I haven’t found the need.

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Hell, Damn, Shit…I don’t really call dem cuss words. F&%#!, I’ve heard much, much worse.

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Damn fuck’in skippy.

not really

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Nope, used to swear often and someone bet me that i couldn’t go a week without uttering a swear word, that was almost seven years ago. I hate to lose a bet.

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I’m a professional ;)

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I swear all the time. I don’t say “bitch” often because I feel it’s derogatory. I also never say G**damn for obvious reasons. I ask those in my proximity not to say it either.

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@Facade yes the “b” word is derogatory. I have a close group of girlfriends and we sometimes call ourselves the bitches
B beautiful
I intelligent
T thoughtful
C caring
H honest…..women (but its just between us).

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Not really, and I don’t find it attractive when someone I am potentially attracted to does it excessively, it seems trashy. I say “What the fuck?!” When I’m joking around because it’s a popular meme that stuck with me.

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I agree with @py_sue – I generally only swear when startled or as a reaction to something unexpected.

Difference being I’ll exclaim things like, “Jesus Mother-Fucking Christ!”, “Mutha Fucker!”, “Fuck Me!” or “What the Fucking Hell?!”

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I like to save swearing for special occasions, when I am really really upset and want to make a statement, then the f word is my favorite. But as I have said before, it is being used so often and by so many from 3 years old and on that it has lost much of its impact. Rather sad.

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I seldom use profanity. Only when it’s completely unappropriate ;)

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I taught @lucillelucillelucille everything she knows! ;)

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@Cruiser-Fank you very much! XD

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Yes, it’s in-built, it comes out all the time!!!!!!!!!

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Only if I’m upset . Never in public and never, ever until I was 42!
I intend to work on it. (-;

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No i don’t. I’ve never really used real swearing as part of my everyday talking, not even during fights or anything like that. It’s just the way i grew up, and now it’s personal choice, i find nothing attractive about constant unnecessary and over-the-board swearing all the time. I’ll tolerate the occasional swearing during stressed times or whatever, but not part of everyday casual talking. I can be more liberal with my swearing on online forums though.

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I rarely swear, but do on occasions let it slip if under pressure emotionally.

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I’m not called potty mouthed patti for nothin! So yeah, I do curse a lot. I don’t think it’s cool. It is just the way I express myself. I tend to use fuck as more of an adjective, as in “That’s so fucking annoying.” It is a bad habit. I try not to do it in front of my daughter, but it happens.

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I swear around certain friends, but only if I’m sure nobody but them will hear, and even then I like to think my swearing is mild. The following are words that I will NEVER say and strongly discourage my friends from using:
The b word
the f word
any racial slurs
any offensive word for a homosexual
anything taking God’s name in vain.. I’m religious, gimmie a break!

Other than that, I’m pretty much clean with my speech. Thank you for asking this question though, It reminded me I need to cut back on calling adults I hardly know “asshole” behind their back.

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