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Why does facebook ask for your mobile phone number?

Asked by somechic (10points) August 29th, 2010

facebook keeps asking me for my mobile phone number, (but what if someone didnt have a phone number?????) it wouldnt let me log in unless i gave it to them so i did, and gave it the code it texted back then it sayed verifyed. and every time i log in it says the words your account is already verifyed! nothing else , i cant check my updates or mail. any one else having the problem ? if so pleases tell me if u have a solution, thank uuu

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people who have facebook on their mobile devices can also have you listed as a mobile contact this way.

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Because they are data miners that sell personal data to other companies so they can spam you with advertising, including telephone calls trying to sell your their crap.

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There are account verification phishing scams that surface periodically on FB. Perhaps this is one of them?

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Most likely @ragingloli is correct. How do you think they make money off of the free accounts?

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You get CODE on your pelephone and you should confirm your account with this code. That is the one of the ways Facebook use in order to know this is a real person and not a mechine. Also this way you can not open more than one account for that number, you can have only one Facebook account associated with that number.

Here it is from the Help center:

How can I verify my account if I don’t have a mobile phone with text messaging?

If you are unable to verify your account through a mobile device, another way to verify your account is to affiliate with a college or university that provides you with an email address. You can add a college network from the Networks tab of your Account Settings page. Unfortunately, if you cannot verify through a mobile device or by adding a college network, you will continue to see the captcha and have to wait until a later time to sign up for a username.

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My answer is the same as @Ranimi23. Also, I vaguely remember after first signing up and giving my phone number and everything facebook was still prompting me for some sort of verification all of time and I was able to turn it off. Maybe it was my phone number? Or maybe it made me type out something that was difficult to read? Can’t remember, but if it happens to you, or if that is what is happening to you, just know you can turn it off if you are ok with having less security.

Messages will not come to your phone unless you set it up under account settings then go to mobile on facebook. Unless they have changed it since I did it.

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While I completely agree that Facebook is all about sharing as much of your private information as you’ll allow with advertisers, I can tell you that I’ve had my mobile number listed in my profile for years… with not a single telemarketer call in all that time.

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It really doesnt matter and I advise not to. It’s so much safer :)

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So they have even more of your personal information to sell.

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How does every single one of you disregard my answer? The only correct answer in this entire thread…
Do none of you own an Android phone or an Iphone or a Blackberry?

You add the facebook application on to your mobile device and it populates all of your “friends” in to your contacts so that you have everyones email and phone numbers.
The only thing that Facebook sells is the information telling others where you go on the web, ie…John was at this site before facebook and he goes to this site after facebook.
You all are a little to paranoid.

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Actually, @Ranimi23 was the first to post the truly correct answer in context of the question asked… it’s how FB verifies your account if you’re only a mobile device user of their site.

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I have Facebook Mobile verified on my phone and it’s great. You get wall posts and imbox messages straight to your phone as an SMS. Great for people who don’t have a fancy phone with an Internet connection. Now you can stay connected everywhere

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Ramini23 has the answer, straight from Facebook itself! They want people who have either a mobile phone or a college degree. The less fortunate need not apply!

So, let me get this straight. I either have to have a mobile phone or a college education to be on Facebook?! That is just wrong, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it just might be some kind of discrimination! My Yahoo email account is not good enough, even though it was confirmed?!

That’s just the problem I’m having. I went to a computer training course back in 84 at a Graduate level training center affiliated with University of Pennsylvania. But back then there was no such thing as email. I also have no mobile phone!

I’ve been trying for a month to get a Facebook account! Frustrating as all get out without those two things!

The ridiculous thing is, they send you a confirmation email titled “Only One More Step” (yeah, right!) containing a 9 digit confirmation code. The email even says “You may be asked for this confirmation code later.”

Step 1, It verified my Yahoo email, fine and dandy so far.

Step 2, The mobile phone step, also has a link labeled “I already received a confirmation code”. As I do not have a mobile phone, I clicked on that link and tried entering the email confirmation code. However, that field will only take 6 digits, so obviously, the 9 digit email confirmation code will not work. So, I gave that up for later.

I went back to the Account Information screen to enter a UserName. I was stopped cold as a mobile phone number is required, just to create a UserName! The email confirmation code will not work as a mobile phone number either. Phone numbers are 10 digits. The code is only 9 digits.

No Username means no URL, and no way for friends to even see that profile info I had spent an hour entering prior to finding the confirmation email. That was just wasted time!

So, of what use is the confirmation code I received in the email? I was never even asked to enter it, or it wouldn’t fit where the confirmation code is requested in step 2!

The whole thing is just ridiculous! Facebook is way too security or whatever crazy for me. I’m sticking with MySpace! I’ve got a great looking profile page there. And best thing is, they don’t require a mobile phone, ever! And a high school or graduate school education is just fine!

I’ll tell you this, if Facebook keeps alienating those of us who are who are less educated and mobile-phone-less, Facebook users might just start migrating back to MySpace. I’ll be waiting there to welcome them with opened arms!

You go MySpace!

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@GaryZ, you know, when you provide false answers to questions and then click on links like “I already received a confirmation code” when, in fact, you had not, then I cannot really be surprised that you’re having difficulty getting your Facebook account set up.

Stop trying to outsmart it. Don’t answer questions falsely or with erroneous information. Stop acting like a twit.

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@robmandu, I may be off topic in my reply. I just want to set the record straight.

The link’s label “I already received a confirmation code” is true for everyone who receives the email. True, if referring to the code in the email. What’s there to tell me otherwize?

I saw that link as an alternate method of confirmation for the mobile phoneless (use mobile phone or the link); the place where (according to the Facebook confirmation email) “You may be asked to enter this confirmation code: 999999999” Even the field prompt states: “Enter confirmation code:” Nothing about from where. The field even looks long enough for 9 digits. The link needs to be clearer: “I already received a text message confirmation code”. Then I’d know to stay out of that area.

I was not trying to outsmart the system. That’s not possible. I just wish the Facebook’s confirmation system would be more flexible for the mobile phoneless. In the end, Facebook is just to restrictive. I can’t even have a UserName without a mobile phone! A UserName is a basic necessity.

My purpose: As an unofficial amateur DJ, reviewing CDs I purchase and presenting Playlists of my favorite music for friends to enjoy. Musicians even send me their tracks to try out and I provide a music lover’s assessment. But that’s Facebook’s loss.

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@GaryZ 1 this is the twenty first century! Get with the program and get a mobile.

2 if you don’t want a mobile don’t complain that you can’t access services that require them.

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I’m still trying to figure out how it could be that regular old accessed from a regular old web browser on a regular old desktop PC would require users to provide a mobile phone number. That makes no sense. And so, I’m inclined not to believe it.

Indeed, the sign up page at simply asks for:
– First name
– Last name
– Email
– New password
– Sex
– Birthday


Stop doing it wrong. It ain’t hard.

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@robmandu they’re trying to use your mobile carrier like a certificte authority to try and verify you are who you say you are so that other members can trust that the facebook page for @robmandu or @Lightlyseared is actually that person. Originally they did this with an academic email account as your college only hands those out after you’ve enrolled and provided the college with proof that you are who you say you but after FB grew this wasn’t a viable approach. They choose mobile phones because they are pretty ubiquitous and as they normally come with a credit check the carrier has verrified your identity.

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@robmandu, The Facebook confirmation email MUST be completed by both facebook mobile and sign-ups for reasons besides identity check as revealed by the Facebook Help Q&A below.

Q: What happens if an account remains unconfirmed?

A: An unconfirmed account can remain on the site for a maximum of three days. Confirming your account is an important security measure, and it also enables you to use the full range of site features. After three days, you will be unable to log in to your account until you complete this step.

As long as your account remains unconfirmed, Facebook will provide email notifications and on-screen prompts containing detailed instructions for confirming your account.
An unconfirmed account can remain on the site for a maximum of three days. Confirming your account is an important security measure, and it also enables you to use the full range of site features. After three days, you will be unable to log in to your account until you complete this step. This limit is in place due to security reasons.

So there’s no way to get around phone confirmation, not even for laptop users like me. Although, I don’t see why Facebook couldn’t use the ISP carrier to verify everybody’s identity. Everybody (mobile and .com) on the internet has an ISP, even me. That might be a better answer for Facebook.

@Lightseared, Land lines also have carriers and it seems, according to the answer below (or an automated phone call), that it might just be possible to use a land line phone number for confirmation, maybe? Do I see a glimmer of hope there?

Q: How do I verify my account if I don’t have a phone number?

A: Unfortunately, you will not be able to access your Facebook account unless you are able to confirm your identity by receiving a text message or an automated phone call.

To confirm your identity, simply follow these three steps: 1. Go to
2. Enter your login credentials (e.g. email or username and password).
3. Follow Facebook’s quick steps.

Maybe, I might just try again. Next time, I’ll do it right way, trying phone confirmation with a land line to get a proper 6 digit confirmation code. I hope the land line phone number will also help me get a Facebook Username. That’s the most basic of necessities in any forum.

I just knew there must be a way to do it without having my name on a mobile phone account. There are probably many who share a cell phone with a spouse (for budgetary reasons) and don’t have their name on the phone account. I’m one of those. I hope a land line is the answer.

Looks like this will be my last long post here. I’d be terrible on Twitter. LOL.

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@GaryZ1000, the How do I confirm my account? page says:

You can confirm your Facebook account in any of the following ways:
- Follow the link in your sign up confirmation email.
- Use the Friend Finder tool to see which of your email contacts have profiles on Facebook. To get to Friend Finder, simply roll over the Friends drop-down menu and click “Find Friends.”
-Follow the link in any email notification you receive from Facebook.
-To confirm your account with your mobile phone, you must be able to receive Facebook’s confirmation text on your mobile device. Enter your mobile phone number and we’ll text you a special code to confirm that it’s your phone. Start by going to the Mobile Texts page.

That help text is written implying a logical OR between each bullet. You confirm your account by performing one of those actions, not all of them.

I still don’t understand why you took the following action: “The mobile phone step, also has a link labeled ‘I already received a confirmation code’. As I do not have a mobile phone, I clicked on that link and tried entering the email confirmation code. However, that field will only take 6 digits, so obviously, the 9 digit email confirmation code will not work. So, I gave that up for later.”

As soon as you went down the wrong path, you began having problems.

Tell me, have you tried the suggestion Facebook provides at the bottom of their help page?

If you’re still having trouble after the above steps, please click here.

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