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Does anyone have fundraising ideas?

Asked by vbabe96 (826points) August 29th, 2010

My mom recently found out that my sister has an enlarged heart and scoliosis. My sister’s insurance will not cover the medicine needed to treat the enlarged heart and they will not cover the surgery needed for my sister’s scoliosis. I need lots of ideas in order to help raise money. Thanks Jellies!

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A cake stall

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You could set up an account specifically for her medical costs and ask people for donations. I know several families that have done that when insurance wasn’t helping with their costs.

Bake sales and car washes might bring in a little bit of money.

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I don’t know if your sister’s situation is extraordinary?
Or are there lots of people in your country who are in a similar situation (no coverage by insurance companies)?
If it is a rare one (well, if it is common you can do it too) you could think about bringing your story to the local radio and/or local television.
Maybe they feel (too) that it is an unfair situation and are willing to award it some attention on their channel?
This, together with @Seaofclouds‘s idea about an account, (and maybe a website) could gain some donations.
Good luck with any fund raisers you are going to do, and your sister!

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@vbabe96 Hope things work out for you all.

@Seaofclouds has an idea with the car wash thing; best to get Paris Hilton to wash her car and donate 1 milion dollars, or in the very least, to help out like this

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I found this online – anyone else have experience with these fundraising resources sites? Opinions on the best ones?

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Have a spaghetti dinner in her honor. Alot of church will do this for you if you ask . Call around.

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Thanks Jellies!

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