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What is rock band?

Asked by joeysefika (3093points) March 25th, 2008

I’m hearing all this buzz around this new game and have no idea what it is. is it an expansion or something for guitar hero?

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I think its been out for a while. I always thought it was a seperate game, very similar to GH only in Rock Band you can play the guitar, bass, vocal and drum parts (e.g. I think you can hook up singstar to it somehow or other) but I’m not sure…

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Ok. sounds average at best

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Well yeah, although it is much more versatile in terms of player interaction, you can have up to 4 people playing aat once, as opposed to two on Guitar Hero. Dunno if you have already, and I hate to do this, but you should read this and this. Many similarities between the two – such as who manufactured the peripherals and designed the game – but also some differences.

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oops… this pretty much explains it all really well: Rock Band : IGN Video Review

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rock band is sort of like a guitar hero game only you can play more than just guitar (drums, bass, singing.) you can also start a multi-player band.

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What Platform is it on?

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Did you check my two awesome Wikipedia links..? Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii I think. It’s all in there.

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Wii is coming this summer. Been playing on XBOX 360; total blast!

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have u been living under a rock

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RockBand is better than GuitarHero. That’s what it is.

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No it isnt guitar hero is more songs and online rockband is instruments

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and blumukaki, you just got schooled

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Sorry, but “average at best” is far from an accurate description.

Rock Band is quite possibly the most fun multi-player gaming experience I’ve ever had. If you like music and have friends who are even remotely fun to hang out with, the game is definitely worth your time.

confusedcrib's avatar is selling it cheap this week for” only” 150$ still a lot but its definatley a huge amount of fun playing with all your friends its a great experience! Definatley worth the buy if you have enough friends and like being a dork

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