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It's money time in the Middle East - will Bibi and his two Arab partners sign a peace treaty this time?

Asked by zen_ (6268points) August 29th, 2010

I’m referring, of course, to Abu Mazen, the Palestinian Authority’s President, the one who replaced Arafat, and who leads the Palestinians from Ramallah – but means zip in the Hammas elected Gaza strip, and, B. Hussein Obama, the broker and Arab sympathizer – who is fighting two wars and seems hell-bent on starting a new one.

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No. Or if so, the peace won’t hold for long.

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Of course not. Most policians in the Arab world distract their people from concerns about poverty, poor education, tyranny of the monarchs or dictators, and the fact that they are about 500 years behind every body else, by blaming the Jews. The same Arabs use the Palestinians as poster boys for victimhood in the region. They will never let that situation go, for fear that their people will begin to ask awkward questions about the real Arab problem.
Disclosure-I am not Jewish, Muslim or Christian. No religious dog in the fight.

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But stoning and chopping off limbs (and facial parts – see last week’s Time cover story and photos) can be a great deterrant. Perhaps we should go back to the future?

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IF he even gets close to brokering anything….I would be terrified to see the real concessions he made just to get this deal done. Nothing as this intense and full of hatred could ever be agreed to without some historical consequences to one side or the other I can’t for a second fathom either would concede to so I am not holding my breath here.

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G-d knows.

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Oh yes it does

And the Hamas are recognized world-wide as terrorists. Period. They call for the destruction of Israel and the US – and are basically holed up in the shithole that is Gaza – firig rockets and blowing themselves up by mistake. I feel sad for them, but, they do call for my destruction – and regularly fire at and kill other Palestinian moderates. Really, it’s time to listen to Matt a little, if not to me, or to common sense.

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