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Is it normal for me to worry about accidently hurting my baby?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2666points) August 29th, 2010

Im always worried all the time about whether Im hurting my unborn baby when I do certain things. Like when I wear tight pants or my seat belt. I won’t walk into a crowd of people. When she doesn’t kick for the smallest amount of time I get scared. It worries me when Im having sex. Is it normal to be this worried? I’ve never been so worried in my whole entire life like I am now.

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I think it’s pretty normal to have those worries with your first child. I had a lot of worries about my son when I was pregnant. I just listened to what the people I trusted told me and tried not to stress out about it.

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It’s just age old maternal instincts kicking in, relax.

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Of course, it is absolutely natural. We all do, but growing babies are very resillient. As long as you are not drinking and are eating the right things, your baby will grow just fine. Worrying, however, comes with the Mommy territory.

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I would say that it is absolutely normal! Just try to keep in mind that your baby is in a very safe place and come December he/she will make his/her appearance and be spectacular!

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You sound slightly excessive about it but it’s normal to be worried. They are so much tougher than we realize. My husband’s DIL has 3 sons and , with the last 2 pregnancies, she was lugging one around on her hip @ 8mos pregnant. Plus, she only has one kidney.

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@SuperMouse Its a girl :)

Thank you to everyone else :) I feel better now.

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You are a good mother and it’s perfectly natural for you to worry about your unborn child. Your being careful. But relax. The worry can stress you out and affect the baby. Congradulations.

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Don’t smoke, don’t drink, stay out of paint fumes, take your prenatal vitamins, don’t ride a motorcycle. Other than that, the human body is made to keep your baby safe. Do whatever feels comfortable.

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@Mom2BDec2010 Congratulations on your baby girl! My sister happens to be due in December as well; she is having a boy.

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I was sooo paranoid with my first. I did everything “by the book” and even moreso following the “rules”. I don’t think I got to enjoy the pregnancy because of so much fear. The second pregnancy was so much easier because I knew what to expect and knew what pain was normal and what wasn’t.
It is normal to be worried though, it’s part of being a parent!

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Yes but relax. The human body has been doing it naturally for thousands of years.

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The more scared you are, the more you should learn and inform yourself as to whether whatever you think will hurt your baby.

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Simple answer? Yes, it’s normal. =0)

Don’t worry so much though. Your baby is so cushioned in there that she is perfectly fine! I had a massive wreck when I was 5 months pregnant, and although my body was horribly sore, the baby was untouched and totally safe. Take care hon, and don’t forget those vitamins!

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You are worried because you are so excited and happy. There is so much to learn. Your body does it’s job. Remember that your baby sleeps and naps. I understand what you mean about the seat belt. Please use it but you could put a padded sheath on it. I put a folded towel around mine and it helped me feel better incase of a bump.
Read happy books on pregnacy and child rearing. Check them over in a book store before purchase to make sure you like the book or go to the library. Walking and light work is good for you and baby.
Having sex quite is ok as long as you are not uncomfortable physically or emotionally. Ask your doctor and follow his or her advice on that as you get bigger.
I wish you a happy pregnancy and baby.

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Can’t add anything to the above except… LUCKY BABY!!!

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It perfectly normal… Just read up on the facts in books and such. If you don’t know ask a doctor. I am so happy for you. Having a baby is life altering but wonderful experience.

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I’ve felt like that everyday of my life since my first was born. I’m always asking if I’m doing the right things for them? Am I doing enough for them? What could I do better?

Good luck with your baby. You’re starting off well if you are already asking these questions.

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