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Do guys really think boobs get chicks ahead in life?

Asked by cowboy (24points) August 29th, 2010

My brother and I were talking about getting new jobs and he told me it was going to be easy for me to get one because I have boobs!
His friends were around and said all girls get it easy because of it… Do guys really think this?

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I wonder if ladies think that men get ahead in life when they have a big bulging package in their pants..

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Statistically men still make more than women, all other factors being constant. So no.

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If they boobs get the jobs then they sure don’t get the pay. I’m female and that’s my opinion.

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Only a Boob would think boobs get better jobs.

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No. There is still the stereotype of an inverse relationship between bra cup size and intelligence.

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…. not the way you phrased it, no. But is an attractive woman more likely to get a job that an equally qualified unattractive woman also applied for? Absolutely.

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The whole package will. Nice face, good figure, good teeth-kaboom!
In the early 1930’s all I had to do was walk into the boss’ office and I was hired. Now I can’t even Fit inside the door.

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It doesn’t hurt.

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It hasn’t helped me any and I have great boobs.

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I have no idea what guys think about this topic other than what has been already answered. I can tell you that not all hiring managers are heterosexual males that make decisions by their physical attraction to a particular candidate.

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I’ve had boobs jobs all my life and i don’t even have boobs.

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It depends if you think of yourself as a whole person, or a sexual object. Some women use sex to get themselves ahead, and will leverage men’s thinking with their penis to get ahead if they can. Example: the number of actresses who have gotten ahead by posing nude, or giving into The Casting Couch.

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Depending on what kind of job you are talking about. It’s ignorant to say that it does not help in certain jobs and it is equally ignorant to say it matter for others.

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@Aster1930s!!!??? Really? Wow!!

In answer to the Q, I’ve never gotten any sort of advantage when looking for employment based on any aspect of my appearance.

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Not the smart ones.

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As often as I have had to opportunity to hire “boobs”.

If presented poorly they are a distraction. I do not need that in the work place.

Its quality not quantity

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Let me add that mine are always covered, not a hint of cleavage when I go on job interviews.


I think a girl’s personality and attitude have a greater impact on how far she gets ahead in life than having big boobs.

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Unfortunately it works for some, just like a big ass gets some women ahead as well. But there is already speculation that attractive people in general are favored in school and in the workplace. Just because someone is in a leadership position doesn’t mean they don’t wanna bang lol.

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The actress Lee Meredith was a year ahead of me in high school. She drew quite a bit of attention for her figure. You may remember her as the sexy blond in the Producers and Sunshine Boys. She has a great body, but did not have enough talent to be given anything in the way of speaking roles. Here she is giving an interview (skip the first half of the video). You can see that she is a shallow, self-centered nitwit.

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If the job is at Hooters yes but otherwise no.

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I’m sure some guys really do think this and I’m sure for some girls boobs do get them ahead a bit – it’s all very stupid and sexist.

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only in jobs that are sexual in nature

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There’s a saying with companies that the more attractive the management and upper tier employees get, the more likely it’s a good time to sell the stock.

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Truth is that if you have two candidates for promotion, and they both are good at their jobs, but the one who is better has smaller boobs, or is less likeable, the other one will get the job.
Employment and promotion is often chosen by who someone would rather work with, not their abilities.

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Boobs alone will not help. However, all other things being equal, attractive will beat ugly every time.


Well, having a good set of “headlights” does light the way to success! Lol.

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the only time that boobs should be part of the job process is if your applying at “HOOTERS”...LOL

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I have seen some cases that the lady with very good ones got the job. For real.
I would agree that among two ladies with the same capacity, the one with better ones would get it, when the boss is a guy.

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