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When it's 04.30 and you're having trouble sleeping, what do you usually do?

Asked by serafina (1149points) August 30th, 2010

Do you remain in bed awake, read, watch TV, go on-line or other?

I’m wide awake and it’s just after 04.30, I’ve opted for the hot drink and on-line option.

What would / or do you do usually?

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Masturbate, I get horny when freakishly tired but still awake.

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I take the dogs for a walk, then I go to bed. I usually get home from work about 2–2:30 and need a couple hours to wind down, so that is normal for me.

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I’ll either read or turn on the tv for a little bit.

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Get up and watch TV. Those home-shopping ads are a great way to get back to sleep

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I listen to soothing music on my iPod.

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I’ve been having a problem lately with this and what I saw online to do was to read a book. I light a few candles and read about 10 pages or so. That helps.

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Books on audible- on my computer or sandisk. It doesn’t take any time. It sometimes takes me a month to get through one. I listened to The Road for days- his voice was so soothing.


Watch t.v. or go on the computer. I might make myself something small to eat too.

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By the time it gets that late I usually throw in the towel and just stay up.

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I’ll watch some movies or try to write but now that I share a bed then I mostly try to lay still and wait for time to shut me down. It always happens sooner than later but I have to trust and put up for awhile with wide open dry eyes and racing thoughts.

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Cosmo printed this thing about imagining a sexy fantasy and that it helps you get to sleep. It works.

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Light up a spliff…

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Watch TV/browsing and snacking.

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If I’m awake at 4:30 AM there is something wrong. It rarely happens.

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@jonsblond hahaha! promise not to bogart?

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I’m agreeing with @Ben_Dover. That usually puts me to sleep. I will also watch a movie or get online and make a snack. If I’m not sleep by 4:30am, I just stay up and don’t bother. The sunrise is beautiful at that time of the morning.

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What I’m doing at 2:30 a.m. CT… Fluthering.

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Most probably shag or if the wife’s response is a swift elbow in the ribs….call for a paramedic!! :¬(

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