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Do you flush the toilet every time you pee? Why or why not?

Asked by deni (22665points) August 30th, 2010

I think the question is pretty straightforward.

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Yes, because it will smell and make the toilet dirty.

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Yes. I was raised to flush the toilet every time I went to the bathroom and it’s stuck with me all these years.

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As a woman I wouldn’t think of not flushing the toilet after. But a male friend I know doesn’t because he says it saves on the water bill. Ewwww!! and double Ewwww!!

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I just water my Pecan tree outside, whenever it is possible.

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Yes, like @Blackberry pointed out, stagnant urine smells pretty awful. I don’t want my bathroom to smell like a hobo lives in it.

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If my husband needs to pee right after me, no. Why waste the water? Also, I’m home by myself during the day, so there have been times when I left it when I know no one else will be visiting for a while. I always flush when I know there will be others that may need the toilet.

Our water bill is very high where we live. We need to conserve as much as possible.

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Yup. It’s gross not to. When you live in a house with other people, no one likes to see that when they lift up the lid.

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I always flush, can’t think of an occasion when i wouldn’t

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I live with my family – no way would they be fine with waiting in between pee sessions. Not sure if it might hurt the toilet or make me clean it more often.

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Don’t you guys drink water? When you drink a lot of water your pee doesn’t stink. ;)

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Water conservation here. If it’s brown, flush it down. If it’s yellow, let it mellow.

Well, at least to a point. One flush in the evening, regardless of color. If it’s over mellow, it stinks out a fellow.

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Of course. No matter where I am. I have my own bathroom at home and I still do. Nasty not to. :\


After I urinate, I always ask my children and my wife if they need to relieve themselves too——a lot of water is wasted with one flush, so asking my little ones and the missus if they need to go pee too makes sense, and save cents as well.

We got to be water-conscious. Fresh water is such a valuable natural resource that we in industrialized countries take for granted. Fresh, usable water comprises only a very, very small percentage of the planet’s total water. Knowing that there are millions of people in Africa and other poor places who lack fresh clean water everyday of their lives makes me more conscious about wasting water, and that includes frequent and unnecessary toilet flushing.

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Yes. That’s what it’s there for. Sure beats a latrine. It may pay to close the toilet seat and the water particles from the flush can travel far and land on your toothbrush.

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Definitely not. Only when we poop.


@jonsblond That is a very sensible comment. I drink lots of water. Hence, my pee is usually the color of light hay straw, not dark yellow egg yolk. The more diluted , the less odorous, and the less staining. (Unless I take a vitamin, then that’s a different story! Ewww. lol).

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I’ve wondered what it would be like to live an apartment and the people above you on the upper floor flush their toilet, just as you turned on your tap to have a drink. You’d hope that the plumber installed the pipes correctly.

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@MRSHINYSHOES I hate what vitamins do to my urine. Before I started on my prenatals, it was clear because of all the water I drink. That’s not the case anymore. Back when it was clear, I wouldn’t mind not flushing every time, but I can’t do that now.

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@MRSHINYSHOES very true. You take the good you take the bad with vitamins.


@Seaofclouds The B vitamins in my multi-vitamin tablet make my pee really yellow. Almost a fluorescent yellow, like the color of a yellow highlighter felt pen. And the odor is very strong and chemically musky. Kinda makes me a candidate for the rutting season. :D

@jonsblond, yes, I suppose I can’t maintain my health without making a mess. Lol.

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The whole; if it’s yellow let it mellow thing only works if you are a hippy.

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I’m surprised so many people said yes. It seems so wasteful. Since it’s just me and my boyfriend and we both drink a ton of water, it’s almost rarely even yellow at all, and when it isn’t yellow it doesn’t smell. We flush more in the mornings because it does tend to smell then. It can be gross and stagnant if you let it sit there and be yellow and orange. I think that’s foul. But that isn’t the case most of the time.

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I’d say it’s 50/50. There is no rhyme or reason as to when I choose to flush and when I don’t. I always flush if we have company.

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Remember, it takes at least 12 gallons of water each time you flush. is the toilet a location that can have conservation?

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Oh nos….I just peed and didn’t flush.

it’s late

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If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.


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I want to. But my husband wakes up from the smallest noise, so in the middle of the night I don’t.

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@john65pennington Per this wikipedia article “the common flush-toilet use only 1.6 US gallons” and the new (HET) high efficiency toilets use 1.28 gallons or less.

I keep my toilets flushed because the dog drinks from them, in spite of having a full dish of water changed every single day.

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@YARNLADY They do make toilets with lids. ;)

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@jonsblond But not many with latches. And I would need a latch to keep my dogs out of the toilet. They can and do lift the lid with their noses. Despite the fresh bowl of water 2’ from the toilet.

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just havin a little fun

Though my dogs eat poop and worse. and lick each others butt. A little pee isn’t going to kill them.

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@WestRiverrat yup, my dog does that too. He is an escape artist as well, and uses his nose to get through poorly fastened fences and screens and into poorly covered trash cans

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Nope. I drink too much water to really worry about it immediately. But after 2 or 3 times I will.

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We live in a rural setting. If I’m outside or out in the bush I’m not going to run to the house to pee. That’s a savings of water and utilities. I’m not opening the door and letting out the a/c, or heat in the winter when I go outside.

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Definitely. I can’t find any reason why I shouldn’t. And plus,I don’t want other people to smell or see my waste.

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Wait, those of you who don’t, you do flush every time in public restrooms don’t you?

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@JLeslie Now that would be gross if I didn’t. When I’m at home I don’t see what the problem is.

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And plus,I don’t want other people to smell or see my waste.

I was beginning to think I was the only one who actually cared about that. :\

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@JLeslie Yes, and yes as well if we are entertaining friends. I’m personally frugal and concerned with the environment, but I don’t like to offend others.

@judochop I can assure you that I am not even remotely close to being a hippy.

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I always do, even in the middle of the night. It’s just such a habit… I don’t even think about it. When in a severe drought with water restrictions, I have to constantly tell myself “don’t flush, don’t flush, don’t flush” while sitting on the toilet.

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I definitely don’t in the middle of the night or early in the morning, I don’t want to wake my husband. I’m home alone most days, so I don’t do it then, either. It just seems so wasteful.

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I dont…..and dont have much company. I was just ranting about this today. A friend comes over, and immediately flushes john and calls it stinkpee.

I conserve water. I think she is rude. i would flush if I knew she was coming.

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I was taught to mind my pee’s and queues. Yes, I flush every time.

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Peeing routine is as follows
1. Lift lid (essential to leave no drippy drip drip)
2. Point percy at the porcelain (optional to draw ickle wee wee patterns, being careful to aim centrally)
3. Give a little shake, wipe his “nose” with tissue (i’m a good boy I am)
4. Trouser the beast (watch out for that zipper)
5. Flush!!!
6. Wash hands & then exit.

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Yes, habit I guess.

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No, because I want to conserve water. I can get away with this because I live by myself. When I have visitors or I visit others, then I make sure to flush.

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I don’t flush during the night in case i wake up anyone in the house who is sleeping. We make it a rule whoever is up first in the morning has to flush.

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Yes i do, because i like the loo to smell fresh. We’re about to install a flush thingy that has 2 flush options – a small flush for things like wee, and a big flush for things that need a more persuasive flush to get it down the drain. Anyway, you know what i’m talking about. So i’ll be happy once the wee flushing is more economical.

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All: If you close the lid, the bathroom will not stink.

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@tinyfaery my loo and bathroom don’t smell odd just because of a wee in the loo. But leaving it there for a few hours makes the loo not so fresh sometimes. Plus i don’t like closing doors to cover up a “mess” in a room. :)

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@tinyfaery makes a good point, we do keep the lid down on the toilet.

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I always do now because a few times when I haven’t, it would start to smell like pee so now I always flush.

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