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I have to save myself from.........?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20914points) August 31st, 2010

What do you have to save yourself from? Do you have to conjure up your rescue skills and save yourself from something or someone? How easy is that rescue mission going to be?

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Myself, mostly. My brain works overtime a lot and I gotta calm myself down via self affirmations.

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My MIL… Last Memorial Day she got past the triple dead bolts on the front door and dual Dobermans out front way too easily. First things first is to get rid of all the wine in the house before Labor Day….

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Cynicism, I need to save myself from my own cynicism.

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Wasting time watching TV or just doing silly busywork. Ever look at a digital clock and note, I mean really note, the seconds clicking off? That’s our lives, kids.

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Negative, conceited, pretentious, patronising arseholes. This I accomplish with tremendous success & dexterity, for they are beneath me…..well being arseholes there’s no place else really :¬)

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My laziness. I need to start being more productive!

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the control of others

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My seemingly unending supply of procrastination attitude!

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wasting too much time in my own head and disengaging from other people and real issues.

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It’s always myself. Since I am the one that gets me into situations.

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Sloth and Gluttony

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Oh yes, i think i suffer from some degree of gluttony as well.

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I have to save myself from…my own emotions. Keep control, ducky!

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I have to save myself from smoking. I know I need to quit but I’m just not ready yet. I hope someday soon I will be.

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