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I like the name Harlan for girl. Does it fit, do you think (or am I crazy in the coconut)

Asked by Jude (32134points) August 31st, 2010

fluff question

I love the name Ryan, as well, for a girl, but, I really do like Harlan. Perhaps, for a boy?

Heard it from this song.

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Emmy Lou Harris has the most beautiful hair color fluff answer XD
I am the wrong person to answer as I wanted to name any kid I had “Gilligan”
You can name Junior anything you want!! GOSH!

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Well, so much for that. The better half doesn’t like it, lol.

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It’s a pretty masculine-sounding name, but I wouldn’t say it’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. I know a very pretty girl named Ryan.

Of course, I’m naming my children after British and Irish mythological figures (Arthur, Morgan, Connor…)

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I think Harlan is a gorgeous name, and I’ve never heard it before…

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Harlan Ellison (male) is a very famous science fiction writer. Since it’s an uncommon name and he is fairly famous, a girl with that name might get some funny comments. I think it’s asking for trouble, although it’s a decent enough name—as long as it isn’t my kid’s name! ;-)

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I’ts not like she’s calling her “Tarantula” (yes, I know a girl named Tarantula). If the worst thing that happens is the teacher says “Hey, we have assigned seating, and that’s Harlan’s seat. Where is he?” I think she’ll be in good shape.

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I like the name Harlan for a girl.

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That’s actually my last name. I can tell you this, if you give that name to a child, he/she will have to spell it ANY time someone needs to write it for something. Everyone wants to spell it Harlen or Harland or hartlan or hartland. The misspellings are endless and even surprising at times. It’s a good name though. I like the way it sounds but I’m kinda biased about it.

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I love Harlan. Maybe you should trade in your better half. ;-)

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Harlan? Yeah, um, I think you’re loca :-)

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I see it on a guy. Ryan’s cute though, I think.

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Wait, isn’t that what Nicole Richie named her daughter?

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@poofandmook I think she named her daughter Harlow. I like that name too.

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@chyna: THAT’S it. I knew it was something similar. I really like it too.

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I think it’s a pretty name.

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Having grown up with an unusual name for a girl (or unusual at that time) I can only say that she will get called “he” and will be questioned about her name. It gets to be a pain after a while.

As for the name, it’s nice and if it’s what you and other half want, then have at it! And congratulations!

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Harlan is quite unique and attractive. Be prepared for her to deal with peer teasing of Harlet.

It won’t last long, and if it even happens, it will be a character builder for her.

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I want to like it, but the name reminds me of two things:

The guy in Thelma and Louise who tried to rape Thelma was named Harlan. Either that, or it was Thelma’s nasty husband’s name, but I’m pretty sure it was the rapist.

My mom has a cousin named Harlan. He is short, very round, and has a big beard. He looks like Santa. Since he’s from southern Indiana, he does not sound like Santa. He sounds like his name should be Billy Joe Bob.

I can’t think of the name Harlan without thinking “hick” or “redneck.” :(

My husband and I had an awful time agreeing on baby names for boys. We bought a baby name book, but still couldn’t find a name we both agreed on. For our first son, we “stole” his name from a birth announcement we saw at the OBGYN’s office. Shortly before our son was born, I had second thoughts about the name but it was the only thing we remotely agreed on. Now I can’t imagine him as anything else; the name has suited him perfectly since the day he was born.

For our second son, we had the same problem but finally agreed completely on a name. We chose a surname from my husband’s family. It’s unique, meaningful, not too strange, and fits our son very well. I wanted to name the boys things like Tanner or Samuel. My husband wanted a name that could shorten to something like Jim or Joe or Bob. It’s amazing we were able to finally agree.

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@jjmah i think you are el loco coco. and the bee’s knees.

Harlan was my second step dads last name.

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It would be especially cool to name her Harlan if you live in Harlem.

Harlan from Harlem. Has a catchy ring to it, don’t you think?

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Remind of those romance novels .Harlequin Romance novels. I used to read those. I like it.

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I think it’s an okay name, I like Ryan for a girl better.

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@jjmah: How do you feel about Harlow? Very similar, and doesn’t so closely resemble “harlot”.

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Hey, what about Heathrow? It’s so nice they gave the name to an airport XD

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@bob_ you need to be hit with a French baguette and in the baguette.


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@jjmah Aww, you don’t like it? How about Gatwick? Or Luton for a boy? XD

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@bob_ Stansted?... It could be shortened to Stan!

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@harple I don’t know what you’re talking about * innocent look *


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I like it. I love traditionally “masculine” names on girls…it’s quirky and unexpected. If I ever have a girl I would want to name her Jasper (or Tierney, but that’s slightly more feminine) but I have a feeling my significant other would veto it.

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Sounds too much like “harlot” to me. Personally, I love the name “Rylan”. Perfect combination of the two. :)

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I’m sure she’d be called Whorlan. Either way, nice name.

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I would use Harlan for a boy (as @wundayatta pointed out, it’s the name of a well-respected science-fiction writer) but not for a girl. Ryan, also is very much a boy’s name. How about Harlyn instead?

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It’s a fine name for a person.

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When I was born, the trend was to name kids the same, like Jessica, Jennifer, David, William, Sarah, etc. Since the 80’s, there’s been a reverse trend toward naming kids something unusual, or at least “creative” spellings of common names.

No one used to be able to spell or pronounce my name, but now thanks to the thousands of like-named girls in the country, I have that problem a lot less these days.

And, for what it’s worth, I hated having a weird name when I was a kid.

So, what I think you should do is not follow the trend.. name your kids something relatively easy to pronounce and spell. Haha.

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I haven’t read the 35 posts above, forgive me; Harlan Coben is a bald, talented writer. Harlan is the name of a city in several States and also the name of the first Google entry to pop up – a medical lab pertaining to animal experiments.

I think that today, but especially 15 years from now, one cannot ignore the power of search engines – and the internet in general – and though a name is indeed a personal thing, it is thrust upon the unsuspecting, innocent baby – forever condemned to deal with it – alone. I was given a tease-prone name – kids are cruel. Period.

The act of childbearing is in itself selfish, so why continue to torment a child with a silly ridiculous apple dweezil moon-unit boy named sue name for life? Bill, George or anything but Sue will do fine. Or simply Sue, for a girl.


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Colonel Sanders first name was Harland. If (when) the other kids find out, your poor child will be (chicken) meat. Kids are mean like that.

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Drop the “H” – Arlan or Arlin would be nicer, and pronounced nearly the same.

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So much for Harlan. I’ve already lost interest. :)

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I like it. It’s very unique and uncommon which makes it a good name to have. My name is so common.

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I find Harlan a little to harsh for a girl. Also, it makes me think of “Harlot,” which you would probably want to avoid.

I looove the name Ryan, but for a boy. ;]

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And along the same lines… avoid Charlotte

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Haha, yes. :]

Also, I love the name Scarlett, but I’ve noticed that her nickname would be Scar and that just keeps making me think of Scar from The Lion King. :(

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