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Which theme of an old television series is your favorite?

Asked by rebbel (31857points) August 31st, 2010

Doesn’t have to be necessarily from your favorite series, but your favorite theme (song) is?
The one that, when you hear it, ‘brings you back’ to the old days, when life was still sweet and without worries.
Mine is Hill Street Blues.
Thursday nights, together with my parents and brothers on the sofas, with chips and sodas!

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The theme song from ‘Gilligan’s Island’ does it for me.

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, that started from this tropic port aboard this tiny ship. The mate was a mighty…......

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Gilligans Isle theme song always takes me back to when I was still a wee youngun. <3

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“There’s a place, keeps on calling me…
Down the road, that’s where I’ll always be.
Every stop I make, I make a new friend…
dum dum de dum dum de dum and I’m gone again…

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll wanna settle down.
Until tomorrow, I’ll just keep moving on…”

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Ah, the “Growing Pains” theme song.

“Show me that smile again…”

ucme's avatar << Wins hands down!! Awesome, I dare… I double dare anyone not to tap their feet at the very least. Parp parp!! :¬)

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Which is from what series, @harple, please?

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Is that you, on the right there, at 0:33, @ucme :-)
Edit: Or is it @AstroChuck?

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Sorry @rebbel it’s The Littlest Hobo :-)

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Good Times!!! And Night Court!

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Dick Van Dyke Show.

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Barney Miller Theme I am going to make this a ringtone.

Tom’s!Doctor Who Theme This one is one of my ringtones.

End credit theme music from 1970s US version of Sesame Street, a.k.a. Funky Chimes, also one of my ringtones.

And I like singing this one.

The 1970s, y’all. They were just too damn funky.

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Sandford and son, or Welcome back Carter and The Golden Girls. I can’t decide.

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Wow, groovy, @aprilsimnel, that Barney Miller.
And thanks for letting me know that televisiontunes website!

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@rebbel Nah, i’d be the one holding his horn ;¬} I do however appear to have stumbled across old home video footage of ickle rebbel Awww you haven’t changed a bit :¬D

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<< has a smile from ear to ear! thank you, @ucme

I was even smaller when Sanford & Son was on…, great song also!

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Speed Racer
(Apparently when I was 4yo I would scream-squeal-howl like a banshee when it came on. I still get a mini version of that excited feeling.)

The Rockford Files theme has some kind of odd imprint power on me too.

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And I enjoyed This Old Man tune from Columbo. Not really a theme song, but was played when he arrived at the murder scene in his trusty old Puegeot

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Isn’t that just one of the nicest sensations, the flashbackfeeling, @ipso?!
And Mike Post really made a lot of great, great themes!

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Ah – so it’s his fault. Thanks! (Reading as I’m listening to this)

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Welcome Back, Cotter was pretty. Beverly Hillbillies was a happy song I liked.

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I was going to post “Suicide Is Painless” but @Hawkeye naturally got to it before I could. I’ll post The Pink Panther theme instead. Fairly certain that is what made me a lifelong fan of jazz music.

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My all time fave has to be Benny Hill. It really does make anything funnier :¬)

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Mission Impossible, Hawaii 50, the Addams Family, Mary Tyler Moore theme and so on…

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It’s gotta be a tie between Jamie and the Magic Torch or The Red Hand Gang….. Good times :-)

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Disneyland late 60s – early 70s… Sunday night, the only night we had dinner in front of the television, Mum, Dad, my younger brother and me, definitely something to look forward to.

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The song from Cheers always made me feel good.

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Family Affair, The Patty Duke Show, Barney Miller, Welcome Back Kotter and Cheers.

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Just this week i started to watch the umphtiest repeat of Cheers on Dutch television.
Lovely song indeed!

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Ohhh, Cheers is a good one! My very literal child mind could not grasp the concept that if you went there, everyone would know your name.

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Oh, uh…hey Nahmmy…

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Courtship of Eddie’s Father
The Muppet Show and The Andy Griffith Show themes also bring back fond memories.

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I loved the theme song of The Brady Bunch. I suddenly would feel very happy when I heard it.

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No question about it—Thirty Something

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Oh man, @Kayak8! Now that theme is running in my head, and I didn’t even click on your link. That is a great one!

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It’s a tie between I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched. But since Bewitched is my fave tv show of all time, it’s been my ringtone for a couple of years now. You wouldn’t believe how tickled people get when my phone rings out in public! – They just light up when they hear that tune (if they’re old enough to remember it, that is!)

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Hey, Hey, We’re the Monkees!

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