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Do graphic medical images make you squirm?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25308points) August 31st, 2010

A friend of mine just told me that I had a “rare” fascination, because I enjoy watching medical procedures. Particularly surgeries. I’ve always found these things to be much more interesting than gross.

I’m not convinced that it’s “rare”, though. There must be plenty of other people out there that find the inside of the human body as interesting as I do. Then again, I also know that some people feel faint at the sight of a syringe, let alone a scalpel. So where do you fall on the spectrum?

For those of you in the medical field, did you have to take some time to get used to the graphic visuals, or did you always find it easy to be comfortable and focused?

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I’m with you. I’m usually objectively aware of the ick factor, but I rarely (if ever) feel it. I’m just fascinated. I’m totally fine with all kinds of guts and gore.

On the other hand, the sight of my own blood can make me pass out.

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Gore is nothing compared to lotus pods.

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I am more curious about it than squeamish…meatloaf makes me squeamish

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My mum is fascinated by this kind of stuff. She used to watch open-heart surgeries, lobotomies, plastic-surgery stuff gone wrong… she thinks it’s cool. Her favourite dramas on TV are all either medical or forensics kind of stuff, too. It’s just one of those fascinations she has always had. The only thing that makes her skin crawl are bugs. Flip the channel to discovery where they are discussing the diet of praying mantis and she’ll squirm and scream.

Me? I can’t handle it. Especially if they pull out needles. Or if there is Eye Scream involved. But I watch them anyway, sometimes. It’s not disgusting or gross to me, but I have a hard time handling graphic, moving images. If I’m reading a case file on Jack the Ripper, I have no problem looking at the pictures. When there’s motion, it’s just harder for me to cope.

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@muppetish that is so funny, because I am the same way about bugs. Your mom and I would probably get along famously. :)

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I love the workings and diseases and syndromes the human body has. I love watching surgeries, etc. I’m a nurse but liked all this stuff as a kid, too.

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@Zyx haha! Yes! Lotus pods freak me out.

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I am not a fan of it.
A raw steak i already find gross.
My ex girlfriend though, fits in the other group…, when she went to deliver her baby, by caesarean section, she insisted of staying ‘awake’ so she would be able to see the whole procedure.
They installed a mirror above her tummy, so she could watch it all.
Talking about “people out there that find the inside of the human body… interesting”
Her boyfriend saw his baby on a Polaroid, after the delivery finished.

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As a fan of watching medical autopsies, no, not at all.
I’ve even thought about becoming a Pathologist, but alas, science and math is not my strongest suit :/
Also I can’t really stomach strong stenches.

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I am not a fan but find surgeries somewhat educational. What I cannot stomach are animals chasing down then tearing the flesh off their prey, I change the channel !

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Not at all. I think it’s quite interesting

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@rebbel Wow, it’s funny that you mention the steak because I have always felt a little ill watching someone eat a rare steak. I guess it’s different if you’re going to put it in your mouth, though.

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@Michael_Huntington *are not my strongest suits

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Working on the ambulance, the only thing that really effected me was the sounds. The stench and the gore didn’t bother me.

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Ask her if she watches CSI, Jordan, or NCIS?

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Nope. I was at a training last month for volunteers on bombs, explosions and blasts, so I have seen the gamut of disquieting medical imagery. I will refrain from descriptions, as the imagery used in the presentation, both films and photos, were not for the squeamish.

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Nah, but then I’ve done lots of minor procedures myself. When I first started though, the toenail removals made me want to have a sympathy urination. I had a chief that forced me to watch, then do one.
That’s the navy way; see one, do one, teach one. It worked. I got over it.

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@Trillian anything on toes or that involves cutting into feet seems to be my weakness. Just about anything else I can handle, even eyeballs.. but you start nipping into toes and my stomach does a little flop.

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@TheOnlyNeffie Yes, and even now, the commercial where the little fungus guy lifts up the toenail as if it were a suitcase lid loosens all my sphincters. (shudders)

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I’ve always like watching the medical shows. Discovery Health is one of my favorite channels. When I started nursing school, I felt right at home looking at the pictures and watching videos of various things.

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I am not squeamish.

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@Trillian Oh, I forgot all about that commercial. It always made me cringe, also.

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I am a doctor and I most certainly do not like gory stuff. I notice though that when it’s attached to a person who needs my help, blood/feces/fungus/mucus/gore is really not that bad. I try to avoid pictures though. One thing really got to me this year however. I was working in an inpatient psychiatric ward and a patient who I had been treating for three weeks told me (once he stabilized psychiatrically) he had contacts in and that he was having trouble removing them. I had to peel them off his eyeballs. Disgusting. I had to leave the unit for an hour or so before I felt settled enough to work.

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@Flavio thanks for sharing that. It was actually kind of refreshing to hear a doctor’s perspective on the topic.

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I can watch anything o TV, and i mean anything!

But in person, a little kid with a bloody knee and I’m feeling nauseous!

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Not particularly. What does make me squirm is watching someone have a boob job or facial cosmetic surgery done – they seem to go about it so roughly (ie not gently) and it’s almost too ew to watch.

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I find the human body to be fascinating. I started college as a Biology major and had thoughts of going into the medical field. Brains, guts, blood and everything in-between do not bother me. I enjoy watching autopsies. None of it turns my stomach.

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