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Have you always wondered about having some hidden illness, psychological or physical, but have never had the courage or initiative to check it out?

Asked by zen_ (6268points) August 21st, 2010

Why not?

The anticipation of death is worse than death itself?

I just sourced Yahoo Answers – oy.

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No. Life is to short to be a hypochondriac.

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wondered… not feared

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I ignored personality issues for many years after “experts” failed to do anything in my childhood. My late wife diagnosed it as Aspergers Syndrome in my mid 40s. It was a relief to know what I had, somewhat amusing to know that I shouldn’t have had as successful a military career as I did, other than that not much could be done about it. Meg did prove that, with patient effort, some improvement is possible, but not the major progress that can be made with children.

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No. I always get checked out when I think there is something going on and I make sure to keep you with my medical care (even if it means being told my medical condition is getting worse).

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I used to be a severe hypochondriac. I feared skin cancer so badly that I would rip off my own freckles with toenail clippers. I was 8 years old at the time.

I’ve got a lot of symptoms for all kinds of shit, but I ain’t dead yet, so I’m not too worried about it anymore.

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I am very free of neurosis…I don’t worry about anything, waste of energy.

I just had a bunch of yearly tests, forgot all about it til the little notes came in the mail saying I am alive and well. lol

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Yeah, and when I finally got it checked out, it turned out I’d had brain tumors for about seven years. Since then, I’ve gone to the doctor when I wonder if something’s wrong.

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My name is rooeytoo and I am a hypochondriac.

Whenever I hear symptoms of a disease, I immediately talk myself into having them.

Then I have to talk myself out of having them.

It is exhausting being me.

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We could learn from @MacBean.

Why no-one be showing each other lurve no-more? GA’s all around from me.

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No.I don’t wonder.If something is amiss,I will take care of it.
I’m a brave soul and can take whatever my body can dish out ;)

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I’m Fearphobic—fearful of being fearful—so I avoid psychological help.

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