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How did you spend the last day of August?

Asked by etignotasanimum (3376points) August 31st, 2010

Just as the title says, how did you spend your day? Has it gone as you expected? I expected my first day back at school to go nicely, with scenes of me walking like Travolta to “Stayin’ Alive”. Instead, I walked normally and spent a fun day in class next to an undeclared English major/Classics minor, whom I find interesting.
What happened to you, members of Fluther?

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Shopping at walmart. and now I am going to watch some movies after I go to Blockbuster.

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I just, plainly, worked today.
And thank you for memorizing me that tomorrow is the 1st of a new month.
My girlfriend and i, on the first day of the month, always wish each other Kalo mina (Good month)!

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went to work, and then to a bbq

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I slept, then went to work, and now I’m going to sleep again…..but not before I wait for my check to get in my account so I can pay bills and be broke again lol.

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The last day of August here was also the first day of school. :) My oldest two left in the morning, and my youngest went to kindergarten after lunch. I think I am going to love having the house to myself five afternoons a week!

I took a shower, took a nap, baked some chocolate chip cookies, read for a while, and enjoyed the peace and quiet! After the kids came home and we hung out for a bit, I made pork fried rice for dinner.

Then, my daughter taught us all this game she learned in PE. It’s called Freeze, Floor, Ignore and is sort of a variation of Freeze Dance. She even got my husband to play, and we were all cracking up. I bet we put on a good show for the neighbors, since we were right out in the back yard!

Now the kids are in bed and I am thinking of making cinnamon rolls to surprise everyone at breakfast.

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Doing laundry and going to work. Yay!

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Spent waiting in a doctor’s office for 1½ hours on my appointment for a test, and then the machine broke down during the test. Arrrgh!

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On a WolfPac Stone 1½ ton vibratory roller (Model 3100).

I think women would like this.

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@worriedguy Sounds like something I would like.

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Answering practice GRE questions. I made my siblings answer the questions too. They weren’t thrilled.

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at work. wanted to take a sick day, but ended up goin in anyway. got an oil change on my truck. helped my 12 year old on consumer math, whatever the hell that is, grilled chicken and corn with cilantro butter and a hoagy salad.

yeah i need to be on the food network

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I can’t believe it’s the last day of August already. If life really does go faster as you get older, I’m gonna be seriously annoyed. I spent today laying around reading, because it was too hot and humid to be doing anything else, and I was feeling really light headed.

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Rode my bike to town for breakfast, then a morning and afternoon swim separated by Fluthering and reading. A perfect nearly end of sumer vacation day.

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Still on summer break, so I basically did nothing.

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I forgot I took two Lortab and took two more, so I slept for most of the day. And now I’m watching Toy Story 3 for the first time.

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I went to see my mom. And, she needed some money and we went to the bank. Cleaned house. Played on the computer. Had a long walk with Sadie. Watched Bones. Now, back on the computer.

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I worked, I did yoga, I came home – will work for a bit at home and maybe do more grad school apps.

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in a sad mood…I love summer.

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I went shopping with my mother. We’ve been cleaning out her basement so today we bought curtains for it.

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Wishing my younger brother a very happy birthday.

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Running around like crazy and packing… I leave for school tomorrow. Very stressful day

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Sweating over auction purchases that I can’t afford but I can’t afford not to purchase because I have to get inventory. I’m getting stressed over money. Nothing new but it comes in waves.

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I finished a big freelance job and sent my final invoice. Chill time. Or it would be, except that now I’m behind on two others.

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Helped a teacher move class rooms, marching band, and tv now

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started to book a gig….......walgreens… visit for sleep machine…which is turned off

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@jazmina88 What does Home visit for a sleep machine mean?

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i have to try a danged c pap machine….a.k.a. darth vader mask.

if it was a nitrous mask…..then alright.

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@jazmina88 You have a hard time breathing? I am sorry I didn’t know.

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@jazmina88 CPAP machines are a bitch and a half to get used to, but once you do, it’ll be your best friend. Seriously.

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Nope, I think I breathe, just fine…....
I think they turn up the test machines so eveeryone needs one of these.
Doesnt everybody snore???

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@MacBean got any hints???? what if you hear air escape??

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@jazmina88 Oh! Wow. I didn’t know they give you all that! I do when I have had too much to drink . I snore. I don’t do it that often so. I hope it helps!

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You never see these, until you sleep with someone who has one.
I used to work next to someone that had dents in her face til noon.

Dont want to hijack thread…..but I lurve you French Fry.

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@jazmina88 Yeah, no hijacking. I’ll PM you shortly!

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@jazmina88 it takes time to adjust….but, as @MacBean said, it will be your best friend in time. You will feel SO much better in the morning. Hang in there Sport!

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Working and then playing COD till September arrived! (The wife was out so I had to grab the COD time).

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Eating a delicious mom prepared meal with my sweetie, savoring a warm slow shower, watching one of my favorite series (Deadwood) while getting a rub down and falling asleep in the crook of my sweetie’s arm.

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