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Why am I having Dreams about the guy I like?

Asked by mivyj (35points) August 31st, 2010

I’ve had a crush, an on and off crush (right now it doesnt seem like alot but i guess it could be), and ive had 5 or 6 dreams about him in the past one or two weeks and dont worry, thier all good. Except for one that I dont understand. I was sitting on a chair in the corner of a room and the guy I like is standing in the corner. He was angry at something, not me and then I closed my eyes and he started throwing bouncy balls at me, with my eyes still closed I caught them. And the weirdest part is there were dozens of opened boxes, all evenly spaced, inbetween us. I want to know why he keeps showing up in my dreams, and what that dream means.

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Dreams are tricky because, while we love to try to make sense of the surface imagery, that rarely is a helpful way to go. I prefer to look at the feelings involved in the scenes in the dream. I believe those feelings are what motivate the brain’s efforts to turn those feelings into scenes that convey the feelings.

You may be dreaming about your crush, but the feeling underneath that is excitement about something new. The quirky scene is just that: quirkiness. You may feel like you have a quirky side that you either like or don’t like or understand or don’t understand.

What do you feel when you catch something with your eyes closed? Isn’t it kind of like an unexpected gift? Isn’t it amazement?

What’s your feeling about the unopened boxes? Are they scary? Or do they intrigue you.

My guess from all this is that you are about to venture into something new that you are excited and happy about, but are also uncertain about what will actually happen and how it will play out.

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My take on the unopened boxes is the possible potentials and unknowns of your crush.

Why spaced evenly and all not sure, maybe they each show a different possbility.

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Oh dear god. You are having dreams about him BECAUSE YOU LIKE HIM and because you are thinking about him. You can analyze and worry about dreams all you want but they’re just a conglomeration of snippets of things you’ve thought about or seen or wanted during the day. Or an subconscious wish you have. You like him. You’re dreaming about him. That’s what happens.

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I think the dream means you have an unknown connection with him, and you should get to know him better. Maybe he wants to connect with you too. Maybe the opened boxes represent your desire to open up with him :]]

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Wow, I can definitely think of a theory as to the symbolism of him throwing bouncy-balls at you! LOL

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Hmm sounds like very awkward dreams, they don’t relate to mine AT ALL. But uhm I have a feeling that you want to open the unknown boxes of his life and what not. I don’t really get of what this would mean but since you like him you’re thinking of him more so you’re going to have more dreams about him since you like him. Don’t worry I’ve had my fair share of odd dreams of my crush so you’re not the only one. you’ll get through it or figure it out. But good luck on it. Hope this sorta helped.

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I am honestly not sure but this is what I think. Sometimes I dream about something that has happened that day and about something that is going on in my life or about something that is bothering me. Many of my dreams have been awkward and rather frightening too. Don’t worry I think it’s totally normal.

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Well obviously you keep thinking and thinking about him. The more you think about him the more he shows up in your thoughts. When you are sexually attracted to another person often they consume your dreams and thoughts. It’s not queer to have several dreams about those people you are sexually attracted to even if it’s on and off.

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