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Halo or Call Of Duty?

Asked by That0neguy01 (209points) August 31st, 2010

Are you a Halo person, or a Call of Duty person? which do you prefer and why? do you hate one over the other? why?

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I personally prefer the Halo series over Call of Duty any day, but thats just me. i wanna hear your opinions

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Im a halo guy myself as well. CoD just got kinda old to me. I enjoyed the first couple then i seemed to just stop caring. I also love the story line of the halo universe. CoD doesnt really have anything carrying over like that, but it does have a great multiplayer, just not really my cup of tea.

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Call of Duty. Halo is just a little bit too “fantasy” based for me. I don’t hate Halo, but CoD has just always sucked me in. I think the excellent multiplayer mode is a big perk.

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Call of duty. I play it all the time with my boyfriend; it’s so fun.

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I am a CoD person it is a good game and I’m addicted to playing online. My 6 year old cousin taught me how to play it, then I bought the games for myself for the Wii which isn’t that good IMO. I’ve never played Halo before so…

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Call of duty, it’s more realistic and more skill and attention is needed. I like when I have to be in the zone to play. Halo is fun as well but you don’t have to be as serious, and Halo’s multiplayer is more detailed.

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@uberbatman (the only non anti halo person here so far lol) I always ask myself, “what would make a better movie?.. a Halo movie, or a call of duty movie” and rly im pretty sure the call of duty wouldnt hit the box office very well cuz how many war movies frm our history can we watch? it gets old to me, and thats why i love halo for its originality and story line. its different, and thats what makes something new and exciting to me. i get tired of the same thing. then again thats just me. ive always been into the strange and different. starwars, zombies.. lol

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I hate the people on both games. However, I gotta say, I loved call of duty. But after you get the weapons, it just gets boring. Well… There is nazi zombies…. But still. In Halo there’s so much customization and forge and stuff. In COD, you kill the same people over and over again.

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Unfortunately, I played Halo first and became biased. I’ll still play Call of Duty, but it’s gotta be on mute ‘cause I find the yelling annoying.

I just really like the maps and gamemodes in Halo, plus the buttons are natural to me while I always try to play COD using Halo’s buttons. :/

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I’m gonna go with niether and say Battlefield Bad Company 2.

But if I had to choose, It’d be Halo now. COD has just seemed to be getting old to me especially with the more recent ones.

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@Winters – totally. Why isnt that a choice? Bad company is very cool. Much better than cod. More realistic too. Plus with the bullets dropping at far ranges, and things blowing up… i mean it wins by far.

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Well both but if i’m pushed i’m going to go with COD. World at War being the pick of a mighty fine crop.

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Halo is a more creative storyline as just Call Of Duties are simple to make storylines. Halo just is more fun.

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I like “Halo,” because I play it on the Xbox a lot.

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