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What's your favorite game console?

Asked by FluffyChicken (5516points) July 14th, 2011

Console war! Which one do you like best, and why?

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The original NES nintendo kicks everythings ass. Game makers are still ripping off ideas from old Nintendo games to this very day.

Furthermore, you can buy one for next to nothing, and in a very short time gather up a massive game collection for very little money.

Graphics is not everything, playability trumps all, the original worms game totally pown the vast majority of modern games in this sense. While some games on the NES were experimental, or did not work out too great, they come from a time when people had to rely on playablity and word of mouth to sell their games. Make a crap game, and word would soon get round not to buy it.

Today, game makers can slap some fancy cover on a box, make a nice trailer, and sell you a chunk of crap that you can complete in 1 sitting.

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What @poisonedantidote but related to the SNES as opposed to the NES.

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The Atari, bitches. Fancy stuff, eh?

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The PC. For me it combines all the gameboy incarnations, the NES to N64, and the PS1 and 2 into one neat package. Ever played a ps2 game at 1920×1200 with texture filtering and anti aliasing plus I can save the game whenever I please and don’t have to rely on those pesky save point.

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I think that the Sega Genesis was better as I found more titles I enjoyed than I did on any Nintendo system. IMO, Nintendo only had the Metroid series and nothing else, but that may be a result of my taste in games.

However, I like my PS2; one of the old tray-loaders. It has decent graphics, yet they still have many of the strengths that @poisonedantidote lists for the NES… plus the ability to emulate older consoles with the right hacks.

But overall, I have to agree with @ragingloli; PC is the gaming platform. If nothing else, the controls are superior. The versatility and upgradability also rock, as does the fact that if my PC has a problem, I can repair it instead of scrapping it.

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I was gonna say the PC.

I still have a special soft spot for the PS2, though, and so do a few developers as they’re still making a few games for it.

But yeah, PC is the way to go. Especially as I just spend about 80 bucks in the Steam summer sale for about 40 games, as opposed to 80 bucks for 2 games on modern consoles.

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My favorite? The IntelliVision.
I played my grandson at several games last weekend on the Wii. That was okay.
I really liked the NES as well.

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N64 for me as well. It had some of the best sports games to date. NFL BLITZ 2000!!!!There is no better football game on the market. Also any of the wrestling games, like Road to Wrestlemania or No Mercy were amazing. Super Smash Bros, need I say more?

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I can’t actually choose one. I change my favorite game console on a regular basis.

I guess if I have to choose the one that I would always fall back on it would be the SNES. I was a PS girl for years and years, but the last few I have been a dedicated Xbox360 fan.

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@ANef_is_Enuf YA 360!!!! WE HAVE A CONVERT!

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Ah… this is a bit hard for me since I haven’t tried every kind of consoles available in my country yet. I’ve been playing video game consoles since I was a kid, starting from the primitive Nintendo, SEGA, GBA, PS1, Dreamcast (Actually I want to buy Gamecube or PS3 but they’re way too expensive back then), PS2, NDS, and PC. I still want to play Wii and PS3!

I will say PC, since it’s the most versatile video game console I could ever imagine.

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@Schroedes13 yep. Halo was the game that introduced me to the Xbox. I originally wanted nothing to do with it on account of the bulky controllers. After that I played the occasional game on the Xbox, but I was still pretty loyal to the PS2 at that point. Then I ended up with Call of Duty for the 360 and Socom for the PS. COD won… and now the Xbox controller is like an extra appendage. I like most game consoles, though.

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@ANef_is_Enuf @Schroedes13 I cannot hold the X360 controller, and the left stick and D-pad are reversed, making many games unplayable as I have to try and hold the damn thing at a 27.3 degree angle. Nintendo is even worse as their controllers are made for people whose hands are (literally) half the size of mine. Therefore, the Genesis and the PS2 win by also being the only two whose controllers I can use.

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@jerv I think the controller is a huge factor. I really did have issues with the Xbox controller at first. Being a woman, I have small hands, and it was really awkward. I’m used to it now and I don’t really know why I ever had a problem… but I did, and that was a big part of why I didn’t play it.

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I know the first, original controller was a massive tank of a thing. However, I find the new “s” controller, I think they’re called, are fine! I actually dislike how small the PS controllers are!

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Xbox 360 is my Master. I don’t know why…it’s my Master though… follow…. green….circle… daawww…

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@Plucky Don’t you mean the Red Ring :D

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@jerv No! That is the name of which we do not speak!

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*starts mumbling an inaudible prayer…..

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Xbox 360, although I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a nerdy fanboy.
I like it because…...pwning noobs on Xbox live really is fucking hilarious ;¬}

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@ucme I’ma pwn them first!

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@Plucky Git in line sucka!

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N64. One game: Goldeneye.

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The XBOX 360.

The red ring has been addressed Sonyphiles. Start worrying about your PSN account’s security instead of my hardware’s heat sinks.

the sega genesis ate up a great deal of my adolescence. phantasy star was the first rpg i ever played on a console and it got it’s hooks in to me deep. there was never a happier day for me than when they began releasing final fantasy games for the xbox.

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Super Nintendo, with the original Nintendo coming in a close second.

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I like Nintendo 64 and Playstation 2.

I have no interest in first person shooters, nor most games that people play socially (Rock Band, Guitar Hero…boring, imo). I mostly like platformers, but I really miss how it used to be tricky to figure out what you needed to do. Super Mario Galaxy is fun, but I hate how there is a linear path laid out for you; you so rarely have to stop and wonder what to do next. In Super Mario 64 they would just set you down in the middle of a huge terrain and you had to explore and figure out what you needed to do. That shit was fun. Super Mario 64, Banjo Tooie, Ocarina of Time, Spyro the Dragon… miss those games.

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@Mariah , You are a woman after my own heart.

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The Wii U. Only because when you say it’s name multiple times without pauses it sounds like a little kid doing the police car siren sound effect.

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Paris Hilton’s naked torso. The knobs are perky and responsive, and the action is super intense when the joystick is engaged.

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My favorite game console is the “Sega Genesis,” because I play “Sonic the Hedgehog” a lot and it is some very good nostalgia.

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