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How can I study for the A+ cert exam so I can pass?

Asked by Kokoro (1419points) September 1st, 2010

I failed last time I went and I really want to pass next time around. I was using a test program that asks you questions but I don’t know if it’s enough. It just seems so much to read the ENTIRE book, and I’m not that computer savvy so sometimes it seems confusing. Any tips?

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What sections are you having trouble particularity remembering?

I’ve taken that tests years ago, and I remember those A+ books cover quite a bit.

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I have an exam coming up in about six weeks. I have found the best way to revise (study… I don’t think it’s called the same in the US) for me is skim read the books and make mind-mapping diagrams of the main points on A3 paper. The visual graphic commits information to my memory the best way. Invariably you don’t end up literally reading the whole book because you get to bits that you think…I know that bit and skip through it…. It’s also good to read tutor notes, your own notes if you have any… read up around the subject too look on the internet… what subject is it for exactly?

You do have to find out what type of studier you are really… do you retain information best by listening, reading, sketching, doing things…activities… and from what I understand boys and girls have very different modes of learning…it might be useful to look into that side of things first…

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